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Custom Type
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CA Coronado
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About this typeface
Designed by Stefan Claudius
Sometimes, when we are lying on the beach, we dream of forests, dark green forests, where no man has ever set his foot in. And where beavers are cutting trees and squirrels are collecting nuts. And near this forest lives a man who runs a bar. He is old and white-bearded and his bar is called 'Coronado Bar'. The letters on-top of the entry fit to his block-house just as well as to the ranch in California, where he used to live for a long time.
Oh yeah, and what exactly was it we want to tell you...?
Take this typeface for headlines if you are editing a magazine, or for your pub if you have one, or you beer brand or whatever, it will always fit. Even if you live in Poland or Romania, because we have put an extra bunch of characters in it, that are used nowhere except for your cute small countries (oh we love the girls there). And although upper and lower cases might look pretty similar at the first glance, but they are all different. The upper cases are a bit more vivid, while the lower cases stay in line. Cheers.

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