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10 years of type, 10 years of sun­glasses, 10 years of wigs… Happy birth­day to us! 
How long are 10 years? For a rela­tion­ship it’s long, for a busi­ness it’s short. Cape Arcona Type Foundry is kind of both, so for us 10 years is what? The oppor­tu­nity to throw a one week party! You know us, we never were chil­dren of sor­row. “Party” is our mid­dle name. After all, this is noth­ing new to us, since we mostly have par­ties that take a cou­ple of days, but this time we like to share the hap­pi­ness with you!
It goes like this: start­ing from today Novem­ber 26th to Decem­ber 2nd (Mon­day – Sun­day), we like to give you 50% off, for a font or a font family.
Each day, a new font will be selected by us, but of course we won’t tell you what it is before. You have to come here to see what’s for sale. But we promise, we have well-chosen some cheap and expen­sive fonts as well, so you can save a lot if you buy a lot. And to rean­i­mate one of the old­est mar­ket­ing tricks ever, we will offer you one font for free if you buy two fonts dur­ing this week. But that’s just the busi­ness part – the cool thing is, that every day we will reveal a lit­tle bit of our his­tory. So there are many rea­sons to visit the Cape every day.
Let’s start with the first typeface:

CA Spy Royal – 50% off

Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Spy Royal

There are not too many sto­ries to tell about this font. It’s a genius stroke, what more can we say?
CA Spy Royal was inspired by an adver­tis­ing for Japan Air­lines, around 1950. We think about Hot Rod, spy movies, cock­tails with kinky girls, fluffy pil­lows, pink panties, dyna­mite and gasoline.

Buy 50% off at Cape
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The Sweet Mem­o­ries of Cape Arcona: Music for the Masses

We at Cape Arcona have a pas­sion for music. You can call us the “singing font mak­ers”. Only some hard­core fans of us know, that we played some songs dur­ing some of our lec­tures and work­shops. As the King of Cape Arcona has a pas­sion for Elvis Pres­ley, well, we only played songs of Elvis. We played our first song at the BD4D con­fer­ence in Mannheim, back in 2004. As far as we know, there are some videos on Youtube. Don’t ask, we don’t show, it’s ter­ri­ble. The sec­ond song of Elvis was at the 33pt con­fer­ence in Dort­mund, 2006. We sang “Return to Sender” from Elvis. If you have a good video of us singing the song, you get a free font from us!
Later we started the Cape Arcona Love Band, because we thought we have to give the peo­ple some­thing back. Oh yeah.
When we are cre­at­ing fonts, we always lis­ten to music, in fact it’s always play­ing, even in our dreams. So, we made a list of 5 top songs that were played at most in our iTunes Library and we lis­ten to dur­ing Kern­ing, Spac­ing, Designing:
Top 5 – The King of Cape Arcona
1 – Play­ing Your Game – Barry White – Play count: 956
2 – Bridge Over Trou­bled Water (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 639
3 – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 609
4 – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’  (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 572
5 – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 544
Top 5 – The Pres­i­dent of Cape Arcona
1 – Cape Arcona Love Band – Hey Girl – Play count: 786
2 – Otis Red­ding  – Hard To Han­dle – Play count: 728
3 – Bea­t­les – Paper­back Writer – Play count: 579
4 – Beach Boys – Fun Fun Fun – Play count: 546
5 – Bed­head – Dark Ages – Play count: 495