Beach, girls, fonts –
that’s the Cape Arcona Type Foundry.

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry was established 2002 and has its headquarter at the wonderful Cape Arcona in Arcona.

Is really a small place, no wonder you never heard about it before. It was really quiet for hundreds of years but then came two multi millionaires called Thomas Schostok and Stefan Claudius who took over the state and declared themselves »King« and »President« of this little spot. The new regents made a few minor changes to Cape Arcona. Within the borders of the country they abolished money and introduced the production of fonts (read an interview with »capitalist today«, London).

Other publications: Cape Arcona »Ein Leben zwischen Font und Fun« (Reisezeit/Deutschland)

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History & Tourism

For hundreds of years Cape Arcona was a melting pot for the most different cultures but the main influences came from England, America, Spain, Germany and France. Wherever people felt dissatisifed with their countries they immigrated to Cape Arcona and found a friendly climate, nice folks and a peaceful place to live.

Cape Arcona offers dramatic cliffs and sweet beaches such as El Arcona, Puntarcona or Point d’Arcona. Besides fonts, tourism is one of the major resources of the little country.

Historical awareness

For the sake of political correctness we would like to state that we are not named after the luxury liner »Cap Arcona«. The ship was named after Cape Arkona on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The thing is, that this luxury liner was used by the nazis for transports of war prisoners. In 1945, when the WWII was nearly over, the RAF bombed the »Cap Arcona« together with two other ships and caused (together with the German soldiers who didn’t allow the prisoners to leave the ship) the death of hundreds of prisoners of their own nationality.

This is a tragedy and we would like to assure you that we didn’t have this in mind when giving this website the name Cape Arcona.