Beach, girls, fonts –
that’s the Cape Arcona Type Foundry.

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry was estab­lished 2002 and has its head­quar­ter at the won­der­ful Cape Arcona in Arcona.

Is really a small place, no won­der you never heard about it before. It was really quiet for hun­dreds of years but then came two multi mil­lion­aires called Thomas Schos­tok and Ste­fan Claudius who took over the state and declared them­selves »King« and »Pres­i­dent« of this lit­tle spot. The new regents made a few minor changes to Cape Arcona. Within the bor­ders of the coun­try they abol­ished money and intro­duced the pro­duc­tion of fonts (read an inter­view with »cap­i­tal­ist today«, London).

Other pub­li­ca­tions: Cape Arcona »Ein Leben zwis­chen Font und Fun« (Reisezeit/Deutschland)

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His­tory & Tourism

For hun­dreds of years Cape Arcona was a melt­ing pot for the most dif­fer­ent cul­tures but the main influ­ences came from Eng­land, Amer­ica, Spain, Ger­many and France. Wher­ever peo­ple felt dis­satisifed with their coun­tries they immi­grated to Cape Arcona and found a friendly cli­mate, nice folks and a peace­ful place to live.

Cape Arcona offers dra­matic cliffs and sweet beaches such as El Arcona, Puntar­cona or Point d’Arcona. Besides fonts, tourism is one of the major resources of the lit­tle country.

His­tor­i­cal awareness

For the sake of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness we would like to state that we are not named after the lux­ury liner »Cap Arcona«. The ship was named after Cape Arkona on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomera­nia. The thing is, that this lux­ury liner was used by the nazis for trans­ports of war pris­on­ers. In 1945, when the WWII was nearly over, the RAF bombed the »Cap Arcona« together with two other ships and caused (together with the Ger­man sol­diers who didn’t allow the pris­on­ers to leave the ship) the death of hun­dreds of pris­on­ers of their own nationality.

This is a tragedy and we would like to assure you that we didn’t have this in mind when giv­ing this web­site the name Cape Arcona.