{ths} Art and Typography
Gale­ria Design — BWA Wrocław, Poland
The King of Cape Arcona, Thomas Schos­tok aka {ths} hold a speech about typog­ra­phy, design and art. To him the clas­si­cal bor­ders that are drawn between com­mer­cial and non-commercial art are blurred. The three dis­ci­plines are strongly influ­enc­ing each other, so that that one couldn’t exist with­out the other. What­ever {ths} is work­ing on, he is look­ing for the beauty of imper­fec­tion. Every type­face and every design needs a cer­tain amount of ugli­ness to become inter­est­ing and beau­ti­ful in a deeper and more touch­ing way than super­fi­cial beauty could be.