Schrift in Form
Ger­many, Offen­bach
In sep­tem­ber 2008 the Klingspor Museum in Offen­bach orga­nized an exi­bi­tion called “Schrift in Form”, invit­ing forty type­design­ers under fourty years from all over the world, to show their newest cre­ations. The exhin­bi­tion was opened with a two-day sym­po­sium where Ste­fan Claudius was invited to speak. As a theme he chose “auto­di­dac­tism”, as the other speak­ers like Christina Bee, Lucas Schnei­der, Jür­gen Weltin and Paul van der Laan were either auto­di­dacts or edu­cated type­design­ers. In the exhi­bi­tion Ste­fan showed his new font Tex­teron for the first time in public.

A very seri­ous Dop­pel­ganger of Ste­fan Claudius, the pres­i­dent of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry