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Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Aires

CA Aires turned out to be our most pop­u­lar free font (now only rivaled by Cula Light) and after requests for a proper font, the success-story con­tin­ued. So today we offer you one of our most suc­cess­ful babies for 50% off.
This font was inspired by a post­card from the 30s. On the one side near the stamp were the words ‘BUENOS AIRES’. It looked so sim­ple yet strange, that we started to make a font of it. It turned out to become Cape Arcona’s most pop­u­lar free font and we were even sent Span­ish ver­sions of the font. After a lot of requests for a full char­ac­ter set we started to draw the lower cases. They keep the sim­ple but quirky style that makes the upper cases so inter­est­ing and versatile.

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A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: BEAST PDF Magazine

Some would say, it all started here – and Cape Arcona was born out of the leg­endary BEAST mag­a­zine, which was cre­ated by the peo­ple behind the Cape. In fact, BEAST mag­a­zine used a lot of unusual typog­ra­phy and was for sure a plat­form to test out new type­faces. We also cre­ated new type­faces for the use in the mag­a­zine. One of the first fonts used in it’s early stages was CA No Dr., for exam­ple. Leg­ends say that after we laid down the work on BEAST, we just cre­ated Cape Arcona. Who knows the truth?

BEAST Magazine