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We really don’t under­stand, why CA Cape Rock didn’t become an instant best­seller. It’s such a cute font, with so many fancy lig­a­tures. Come on – have a sec­ond look.
Cre­ated with a fat Claren­don in mind, its bold and dis­tinc­tive forms add spice and per­son­al­ity to every design requir­ing a strong dis­play aes­thetic. A large num­ber of lig­a­tures and cus­tom end­ing char­ac­ters are included in this Open­Type font and can be accessed auto­mat­i­cally or man­u­ally in most mod­ern design applications.

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A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: Fonts in use

The excite­ment to see our fonts in use is a very spe­cial feel­ing. Some­times we have tears in our eyes, some for good, some for bad. We remem­ber hav­ing a good time watch­ing the 2004, surf movie “rid­ing Giants” (here is a trailer) when we saw the title and cred­its set in a slightly trashed ver­sion of our beloved CA KissKiss­Bang­Bang.

We also got wet eyes when we saw the title design and cred­its of a Ger­man TV series air­ing at a TV Sta­tion who is THE pio­neer of lower class tele­vi­sion in Ger­many: RTL. They gave us soft erotic movies in the early ’90s when we needed them most. Anyway,the thing is that they used CA Texas Funeral for title design and cred­its of the show „Rach, der Restau­ranttester“. Since this font is free for non­com­mer­cial use, we are skep­ti­cal about how other peo­ple under­stand the term “com­mer­cial”.

Some­times our fonts are irrev­o­ca­bly linked to sub­cul­ture. We like that a lot. Actu­ally we like the use of our fonts for inde­pen­dent music fes­ti­vals a lot more then the use for prod­ucts made out of but­ter or milk. So here comes a really trashy one. It’s for the “Silly Art F*ck Fes­ti­val”, back in 2006, in Han­nover (a city some of you G.I.s still remem­ber) with some really crazy bands, like “B*tt F*ck P*ssy” (so much “u” miss­ing here) or “Rausch­ab­stand” or “Impul­sant­wort”. Great! All set in our CA Pussy Galore, every­thing fits together.