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This is a really an early one. Maybe even one of the very first fonts on Cape Arcona.  It’s first design was devel­oped for the Beast mag­a­zine. We were totally con­voked of hav­ing hit a gold­mine, but it is only now that No Dr. turns out to become a bestseller.
CA No Dr. was inspired by an old movie poster let­ter­ing for the 1962 movie “James Bond: Dr. No”. Just like the orig­i­nal Dr. No, No Dr. has a dia­bol­i­cal charm. It was devel­oped into a font fam­ily that com­bines dis­tinc­tive­ness with ver­sa­til­ity. Intended to become an inter­est­ing alter­na­tive to the much used DIN Schrift, it has now devel­oped into a highly func­tional fam­ily of it’s own, yeah.
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CA No Dr. Fam­ily only

A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: We’ve been brew­ing beer

Back in the days of the first 33pt sym­po­sium in Dort­mund in 2006, we thought of an espe­cially exclu­sive idea to treat the guests (the speak­ers, not the pub­lic): A smooth amber col­ored ale with a taste between old socks and extinct camp­fire. We made a dozen and still had eleven bot­tles at the end of the day. We still won­der why.


A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: The geniuses of brand­ing at work

Yeah some­times we do more than just fonts. Some day in 2004 we were approached by Ger­man brand Woll­blitz to do a redesign of their logo. Of course we did it but we didn’t stop there. Our genius brains worked on and on the ques­tion of how to spread the mes­sage and core val­ues of Woll­blitz even bet­ter. You know what hap­pens when two flocks of sheep mix up? It’s end­less trou­ble because one sheep looks like the next and only the Shep­ard can tell which is Elsa and which Martha. So sheep are marked with coloured dots – ugly and care­lessly made. We came up with the idea of pro­duc­ing sten­cils and mark­ing the sheep prop­erly. So if now, you see a sheep bear­ing the Woll­blitz mark, you’ll not only know which flocks it belongs to, you will also know that this cute sheep is about to pro­duce the wool for your next cud­dly pull-over. Genius isn’t it?