It seems we have a global con­spir­acy involv­ing tv sta­tions using type­faces they (prob­a­bly) don’t pay for. This time it’s a Ger­man TV sta­tion. RTL – THE pio­neer of lower class tele­vi­sion in Ger­many. They gave us soft porn movies in the early ’90s when we needed them most. We learned every­thing about sex from them. Well, okay, don’t ask why girls don’t stay longer as one night at our Cape man­sion. Don’t ask.
Anyway,the thing is that they used CA Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for title design and cred­its of the show „Rach der Restau­ranttester“. Ahh, okay, and we also won’t show you the design they did for the show. We don’t want to steal their ‘art­work’ like they did (prob­a­bly) with our type­face, but we found a video, so look for your­self. Any­way, thanks for the porn.