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After decades of research, the Cape Arcona Font Research Depart­ment has finally found out what peo­ple really need: they need super­fat fonts. In order to accom­plish this need we are start­ing a new series of fonts. They will all be super­fat weights for exist­ing or upcom­ing font fam­i­lies and be sold sep­a­rately.
The first one is CA Goth­ique Super­fat. The name says it all. It is aes­thet­i­cally located between Amer­i­can Goth­ics and Euro­pean Grotesques, with small caps and use­ful Open­Type fea­tures, like old­style and lin­ing fig­ures, pro­por­tional and tab­u­lar numer­als. Watch out for the whole font fam­ily com­ing soon to this place. And in the mean­time, buy CA Goth­ique Super­fat.