Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Aires

CA Aires turned out to be our most pop­u­lar free font (now only rivaled by Cula Light) and after requests for a proper font, the success-story con­tin­ued. So today we offer you one of our most suc­cess­ful babies for 50% off.
This font was inspired by a post­card from the 30s. On the one side near the stamp were the words ‘BUENOS AIRES’. It looked so sim­ple yet strange, that we started to make a font of it. It turned out to become Cape Arcona’s most pop­u­lar free font and we were even sent Span­ish ver­sions of the font. After a lot of requests for a full char­ac­ter set we started to draw the lower cases. They keep the sim­ple but quirky style that makes the upper cases so inter­est­ing and versatile.

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A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: BEAST PDF Magazine

Some would say, it all started here – and Cape Arcona was born out of the leg­endary BEAST mag­a­zine, which was cre­ated by the peo­ple behind the Cape. In fact, BEAST mag­a­zine used a lot of unusual typog­ra­phy and was for sure a plat­form to test out new type­faces. We also cre­ated new type­faces for the use in the mag­a­zine. One of the first fonts used in it’s early stages was CA No Dr., for exam­ple. Leg­ends say that after we laid down the work on BEAST, we just cre­ated Cape Arcona. Who knows the truth?

BEAST Magazine

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Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Normal Sans

CA Nor­mal had it’s debut in jan­u­ary 2010 dur­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion at the tgm in Munich. It orig­i­nally started with the idea of a cleaned-up ver­sion of CA Aires. So the pro­por­tions of the upper cases are basi­cally the same as in CA Aires. The lower cases are sig­nif­i­cantly nar­rower to match the caps. We even did small caps, which is such a pain in the ass.
CA Nor­mal is a type­face aim­ing for beauty with­out osten­si­ble effects, merely rely­ing on clar­ity and well bal­anced pro­por­tions. It merges influ­ences from Euro­pean grotesques and Amer­i­can goth­ics, breed­ing an exper­i­men­tal mon­grel. The under­ly­ing con­cept stays in the back­ground, giv­ing the design a great self-evidence. Although it is doubt­ful if there can be such thing as neu­tral­ity, CA Nor­mal comes pretty close to what peo­ple mean when speak­ing of a neu­tral font.

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A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: Bonde söker fru

Back in 2005 or so we got a mail from a Swedish tele­vi­sion agency ask­ing us the favor to set the words “BONDE SÖKER FRU” in our type­face Deko­ria, because they admit­ted being unsure if Deko­ria would fit their pur­poses and if the claim would look good in that font. Not hav­ing the faintest idea what that could mean (actu­ally it means “Farmer wants Wife”) we sent them a pic­ture. A few month later we got a sec­ond mail with kind thanks and a screen­shot attached. When­ever we feel down (what hardly ever hap­pens, of course) we think of 1,5 mil­lion peo­ple see­ing our type­face in a TV series in which a farmer is look­ing for a woman (or a man). We hope that BONDE SÖKER FRU has a more elab­o­rated and rep­utable con­cept of show­ing a farm­ers life than Germany’s equiv­a­lent called “Bauer sucht Frau”, which is the best exam­ple for under­class tele­vi­sion. How about a series called “Type­designer wants Customer”?

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This is a really an early one. Maybe even one of the very first fonts on Cape Arcona.  It’s first design was devel­oped for the Beast mag­a­zine. We were totally con­voked of hav­ing hit a gold­mine, but it is only now that No Dr. turns out to become a bestseller.
CA No Dr. was inspired by an old movie poster let­ter­ing for the 1962 movie “James Bond: Dr. No”. Just like the orig­i­nal Dr. No, No Dr. has a dia­bol­i­cal charm. It was devel­oped into a font fam­ily that com­bines dis­tinc­tive­ness with ver­sa­til­ity. Intended to become an inter­est­ing alter­na­tive to the much used DIN Schrift, it has now devel­oped into a highly func­tional fam­ily of it’s own, yeah.
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CA No Dr. Fam­ily only
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CA No Dr. Fam­ily only

A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: We’ve been brew­ing beer

Back in the days of the first 33pt sym­po­sium in Dort­mund in 2006, we thought of an espe­cially exclu­sive idea to treat the guests (the speak­ers, not the pub­lic): A smooth amber col­ored ale with a taste between old socks and extinct camp­fire. We made a dozen and still had eleven bot­tles at the end of the day. We still won­der why.


A day in the his­tory of Cape Arcona: The geniuses of brand­ing at work

Yeah some­times we do more than just fonts. Some day in 2004 we were approached by Ger­man brand Woll­blitz to do a redesign of their logo. Of course we did it but we didn’t stop there. Our genius brains worked on and on the ques­tion of how to spread the mes­sage and core val­ues of Woll­blitz even bet­ter. You know what hap­pens when two flocks of sheep mix up? It’s end­less trou­ble because one sheep looks like the next and only the Shep­ard can tell which is Elsa and which Martha. So sheep are marked with coloured dots – ugly and care­lessly made. We came up with the idea of pro­duc­ing sten­cils and mark­ing the sheep prop­erly. So if now, you see a sheep bear­ing the Woll­blitz mark, you’ll not only know which flocks it belongs to, you will also know that this cute sheep is about to pro­duce the wool for your next cud­dly pull-over. Genius isn’t it?

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10 years of type, 10 years of sun­glasses, 10 years of wigs… Happy birth­day to us! 
How long are 10 years? For a rela­tion­ship it’s long, for a busi­ness it’s short. Cape Arcona Type Foundry is kind of both, so for us 10 years is what? The oppor­tu­nity to throw a one week party! You know us, we never were chil­dren of sor­row. “Party” is our mid­dle name. After all, this is noth­ing new to us, since we mostly have par­ties that take a cou­ple of days, but this time we like to share the hap­pi­ness with you!
It goes like this: start­ing from today Novem­ber 26th to Decem­ber 2nd (Mon­day – Sun­day), we like to give you 50% off, for a font or a font family.
Each day, a new font will be selected by us, but of course we won’t tell you what it is before. You have to come here to see what’s for sale. But we promise, we have well-chosen some cheap and expen­sive fonts as well, so you can save a lot if you buy a lot. And to rean­i­mate one of the old­est mar­ket­ing tricks ever, we will offer you one font for free if you buy two fonts dur­ing this week. But that’s just the busi­ness part – the cool thing is, that every day we will reveal a lit­tle bit of our his­tory. So there are many rea­sons to visit the Cape every day.
Let’s start with the first typeface:

CA Spy Royal – 50% off

Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Spy Royal

There are not too many sto­ries to tell about this font. It’s a genius stroke, what more can we say?
CA Spy Royal was inspired by an adver­tis­ing for Japan Air­lines, around 1950. We think about Hot Rod, spy movies, cock­tails with kinky girls, fluffy pil­lows, pink panties, dyna­mite and gasoline.

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The Sweet Mem­o­ries of Cape Arcona: Music for the Masses

We at Cape Arcona have a pas­sion for music. You can call us the “singing font mak­ers”. Only some hard­core fans of us know, that we played some songs dur­ing some of our lec­tures and work­shops. As the King of Cape Arcona has a pas­sion for Elvis Pres­ley, well, we only played songs of Elvis. We played our first song at the BD4D con­fer­ence in Mannheim, back in 2004. As far as we know, there are some videos on Youtube. Don’t ask, we don’t show, it’s ter­ri­ble. The sec­ond song of Elvis was at the 33pt con­fer­ence in Dort­mund, 2006. We sang “Return to Sender” from Elvis. If you have a good video of us singing the song, you get a free font from us!
Later we started the Cape Arcona Love Band, because we thought we have to give the peo­ple some­thing back. Oh yeah.
When we are cre­at­ing fonts, we always lis­ten to music, in fact it’s always play­ing, even in our dreams. So, we made a list of 5 top songs that were played at most in our iTunes Library and we lis­ten to dur­ing Kern­ing, Spac­ing, Designing:
Top 5 – The King of Cape Arcona
1 – Play­ing Your Game – Barry White – Play count: 956
2 – Bridge Over Trou­bled Water (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 639
3 – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 609
4 – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’  (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 572
5 – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Live) – Elvis Pres­ley – Play count: 544
Top 5 – The Pres­i­dent of Cape Arcona
1 – Cape Arcona Love Band – Hey Girl – Play count: 786
2 – Otis Red­ding  – Hard To Han­dle – Play count: 728
3 – Bea­t­les – Paper­back Writer – Play count: 579
4 – Beach Boys – Fun Fun Fun – Play count: 546
5 – Bed­head – Dark Ages – Play count: 495


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If you’re lazy like we are, inter­po­la­tion seems like a fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­nity to cre­ate fonts in a split sec­ond. Espe­cially extrap­o­la­tion looks like the option to cre­ate fonts out of noth­ing – but beware of the temp­ta­tions of lazi­ness: fonts are likely to look weird after extrap­o­la­tion. But there lies a new chance, extrap­o­la­tion might take you to new designs. This hap­pened to Ste­fan Claudius when he was work­ing on a new Super­fam­ily. He thought things were clear, but it turned out they weren’t. So he wrote an arti­cle about his expe­ri­ences. Read it in the new Slanted Issue #19.

October 1, 2012

CA Oskar Typeface Family

A new day, a new type­face. We are proud to present you our lat­est type­face fam­ily. Cre­ated by Ste­fan Claudius and Kathrin Rous­sel as a cus­tom font for an inter­na­tional music-festival. CA Oskar comes in two vari­a­tions, con­densed and com­pressed. Get ready to be squeezed.

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Deichmann corporate typeface by Cape Arcona Type Foundry

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry cre­ated the new cor­po­rate type­face for one of Germany’s biggest shoe retail chains, DEICHMANN. The DEICHMANN type fam­ily fea­tures an exten­sive char­ac­ter set, authen­tic Bul­gar­ian Cyril­lic plus – prob­a­bly as one of the first type­faces world­wide – the new Turk­ish Lira sign. Read more.

Some of our clas­sic type­faces are still in the plain old Post­script 1 for­mat. We do not find the time to update them into the Open­Type for­mat because – well, you decide, what is bet­ter, play­ing beach vol­ley­ball the whole day or con­vert­ing fonts? Yes, exactly!
Any­way, even at Cape Arcona there are days when it’s rain­ing and we finally find the time for “con­vert­ing”. So, today we rere­lease our old time clas­sic CA No Dr. in Open­Type for­mat. Also, you can chose to buy each style indi­vid­u­ally. Viva la tech­ni­cal progress!

CA No Dr.


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FontShop is now sell­ing a selec­tion of our finest fonts: CA Nor­mal (Sans+Serif), CA Cula and our beloved CA Spy­Royal. What might make it attrac­tive to you dear cus­tomer, are some spe­cial pack­ages. For exam­ple CA Nor­mal comes in sev­eral sub­sets, so that you get just the fonts you need but at a very attrac­tive price. As you can­not see the sets directly on the FontShop web­site, here is a short overview:

CA Nor­mal Set 1 ( Reg­u­lar, Bold, Reg­u­lar Italic, Bold Italic)
CA Nor­mal Set 2 ( Light, Medium, Heavy, Light Italic, Medium Italic, Heavy Italic)
CA Nor­mal Set 3 ( Light Left, Reg­u­lar Left, Medium Left, Bold Left, Heavy Left)

CA Nor­mal Serif Set 1 ( Reg­u­lar, Bold, Reg­u­lar Italic, Bold Italic)
CA Nor­mal Serif Set 2 ( Medium, Extra­bold, Medium Italic, Extra­bold Italic)

Just click “pur­chase options” to see in which pack­ages the fonts are included.
But still we would pre­fer you to buy our fonts here, you know it’s like buy­ing the milk from the farmer: it has a bet­ter taste…

June 18, 2012

CA Cula Family

Hur­ray, CA Cula, a new text fam­ily designed by Thomas Schos­tok {ths} is being released today. When we look back into our archive we dis­cov­ered that the first alpha ver­sion dated back to 2007. It’s some­what spooky to think that it took us 4 long years to final­ize this type­face but you know, we are pool watch­ers. So either we are very lazy and loved our pool, the girls and the Mar­ti­nis a lit­tle bit too much, or we just spent a tremen­dous lot of time and effort into the pro­duc­tion of the type­face. How knows…

This type­face is stand­ing in the tra­di­tion of cool tem­pered sans serif type­faces like DIN. But at a closer look it reveals a ten­dency towards rounder reading-friendly forms. The denat­u­ral­ized ink traps give CA Cula a very spe­cial and indi­vid­ual look in dis­play sizes, whereas in smaller sizes the pos­i­tive aspects of huge ink traps show effect. The text looks clean and bright with­out black dots in the typo­graphic image. This makes CA Cula suit­able even for longer text, while the bold weight makes pretty cool head­lines. The tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions speaks for itself: 8 styles, cen­tral Europe char­ac­ter set, exten­sive ligatures, old-style numer­als, true ital­ics and styl­is­tic alternates.

Didi you read this text to the very end? Okay, here is your reward: you now, we from Cape Arcona always gave you candy in the past, so we do in the present: CA Cula Light is for free, yes, for you, for free! No charge­back, nothing.

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