CA Misfit™
Trash, trash, trash, I’m hungry. It’s the end of the week and what would fit better than a wonderful trash typeface to play with, the whole weekend long? So, take CA Misfit made by our lovely Stefanie Koerner. It’s such a nice typeface and it’s free, kids!

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news_smpl_texteron_edNormally we don’t win anything, cause we normally don’t participate in competitions. But this time… it just happened you know. And well we can’t deny to feel honored, at least a bit.
Texteron is a clever six weight text-font by Stefan Claudius and for the moment you can only buy it at Veer. But as soon as we are allowed to, we will offer it here, at the place of it’s birth.

Some rules in life are simple. If you had a good drink: go and get another one. For type symposia it’s basically the same. In 2006 33pt was pretty cool, so here is the next one: 33pt. Eskapade. Cape Arconas President, Stefan Claudius, helps planning and organizing this event with a group of students and professor Sabine an Huef. The list of speakers is impressive. Martin Majoor, Rob Meek, Phil Baines, David Crow and ‘Type radio’ to name just a few. For more information, a time schedule and a complete list of the referents with background info and loads of funny movies, got to
The whole thing starts on friday 3rd of april at the Fachhochschule Dortmund in Germany and lasts till saturday. Cape Arconas President will be there and maybe our King too. Hope to meet you for a drink, or not.

Cape TV
Watch our new CAPE TV (in fact, it’s rather old) to become part of the spirit of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry. In the actual episode we are having a press conference and tell you everything about the revamp of the Cape website. Further you will learn about our “Declaration of Normality”. The entire press conference is hold in our native language “Arkonish”. But don’t be afraid, we have english subtitles.
Watch it!

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We changed our RSS address. Please update your RSS reader (if you have one)! The new address is

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CA Texas Funeral
A typeface like a road movie. Created back in 2000, CA TexasFuneral now features an extensive character set (371 glyphs) and OpenType feature support. And all for free, baby. Killya!

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CA BND Bold Web
Ah, we all know about the “new” webfont technology. So we released a typeface for exclusive use for websites. CA BND Bold Web is based upon our favorite CA BND and it is free for all commercial and non-commercial WEB uses. Yes, free. Well, it only works in web browser who support the @font-face embedding. Okay, enough technobubble.

There is always some madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness.

CA Nihil Superstar
CA Nihil Superstar
You don’t have to read this. This text does not contain any worthy information. It is only about another free font. Like there are zillions out there. So we thought, we might as well put out another, it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s derived from Friedrich Nietzsches typewriter, the first of its kind to be produced in series.

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CA Cape Rock
Dear friends of hacked off serifs, here comes your new buddy: Cape Rock. We guess you saw this font a few times already (on our T-Shirts for example) and always wondered where to buy it. Well we took our time to improve this font and to add a whole bunch of entertaining ligatures. And then it went through the merciless Cape Arcona National Font Test Centre (NFTC). That took a lot of time. You will love it!

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