CA Texas Funeral
A type­face like a road movie. Cre­ated back in 2000, CA Tex­as­Fu­neral now fea­tures an exten­sive char­ac­ter set (371 glyphs) and Open­Type fea­ture sup­port. And all for free, baby. Killya!

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CA BND Bold Web
Ah, we all know about the “new” web­font tech­nol­ogy. So we released a type­face for exclu­sive use for web­sites. CA BND Bold Web is based upon our favorite CA BND and it is free for all com­mer­cial and non-commercial WEB uses. Yes, free. Well, it only works in web browser who sup­port the @font-face embed­ding. Okay, enough technobubble.

There is always some mad­ness in love.
But there is also always some rea­son in madness.

CA Nihil Super­star
CA Nihil Superstar
You don’t have to read this. This text does not con­tain any wor­thy infor­ma­tion. It is only about another free font. Like there are zil­lions out there. So we thought, we might as well put out another, it wouldn’t make a dif­fer­ence. It’s derived from Friedrich Niet­zsches type­writer, the first of its kind to be pro­duced in series.

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CA Cape Rock
Dear friends of hacked off ser­ifs, here comes your new buddy: Cape Rock. We guess you saw this font a few times already (on our T-Shirts for exam­ple) and always won­dered where to buy it. Well we took our time to improve this font and to add a whole bunch of enter­tain­ing lig­a­tures. And then it went through the mer­ci­less Cape Arcona National Font Test Cen­tre (NFTC). That took a lot of time. You will love it!

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