The art of typog­ra­phy finds one of it’s most impor­tant appli­ca­tions in the cre­ation of logos. Some­times a logo need sim­plic­ity, some­times com­plex­ity. Work­ing on a logo means to make zil­lions of designs and to dis­card zil­lions of designs, just to keep one. And to refine it and refine it again.

We at the Cape can han­dle the whole process of cor­po­rate design from logo and let­ter­head design over cus­tom fonts to a com­plete cor­po­rate iden­tity design guide. Just tell us what you need and we will find a solu­tion. Con­tact us for an estimate.

Below you see a small selec­tion of logo­type we cre­ated over the last years.

IFW2P, Ger­many

IFW2P is an union of many dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies, a com­mu­nity of inter­est. We cre­ated a logo with a cir­cle like form but if you look at it more deeply you see a clus­ter of many dif­fer­ent smaller cir­cles that com­bines into a union.

aquaprint, Switzer­land

Aquaprint is a swiss printer who spe­cial­ized in eco­log­i­cal print­ing methods.

Askerus, Ger­many

Askerus is the oppo­site of ebay. You sug­gest a price for some­thing and you receive offers. There is an Askerus for travel, mobil­ity, energy and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, just to name a few.

Fes­t­land, Germany

An extra­or­di­nary band that writes music to the lyrics of a painter.

Firescape, USA

Along with this logo for the band ‘Firescape’, we also did a design of the sleeve for their new CD. Unfor­tu­nately the band split up before the CD got released. Some­times shit hap­pens, some­times it’s just rock’n roll.

Gehatec, Switzer­land

Gehatec is a com­pany for build­ing quip­ment. What started as a redesign became a very indi­vid­ual logo in the end.

Haus und Wohnen, Switzerland

A strange com­pany. They sell art and houses. Well the logo was refused, to tell the truth, but we liked it somehow.

Howe, Ger­many

Howe is an engi­neer­ing company.

Awarded with the World Logo Design Award (Wolda 08)

Knick­elkopp, Germany

Knick­elkopp is a charm­ing lit­tle fash­ion brand from Berlin. They have great bags and a lot of other use­ful stuff.

Lat­tino, Switzerland

This logo did not get fur­ther than being a pro­posal. It was for a milk-creamer.

Marienkirche, Ger­many

The Marienkirche in Wit­ten is bulid­ing a new organ. The biggest scaral instru­ment of the region. A lit­tle cam­paign was launched to make that pub­lic, and we did the design.

Awarded with the World Logo Design Award (Wolda 08)

Neo Eins, Switzerland

Neo Eins and Neo Zwei are two swiss pri­vate radio sta­tions. One is for pop and rock and the other for Volksmusik.

See­lenin­sel, Germany

An island for your soul. That might be the trans­la­tion. In fact it is rather a place to have your soul repaired.

Shift, Japan

Shift is a japan­ese online design mag­a­zine. They had a logo-competition and for rea­sons we can­not under­stand, this logo did not win.

Tierisch ver­liebt, Germany

You can­not trans­late this… The joke works just in Ger­man. It is a dat­ing web­site for ani­mal lovers. Well no, not that kind of lovers.