The art of typography finds one of it’s most important applications in the creation of logos. Sometimes a logo need simplicity, sometimes complexity. Working on a logo means to make zillions of designs and to discard zillions of designs, just to keep one. And to refine it and refine it again.

We at the Cape can handle the whole process of corporate design from logo and letterhead design over custom fonts to a complete corporate identity design guide. Just tell us what you need and we will find a solution. Contact us for an estimate.

Below you see a small selection of logotype we created over the last years.

IFW2P, Germany

IFW2P is an union of many different companies, a community of interest. We created a logo with a circle like form but if you look at it more deeply you see a cluster of many different smaller circles that combines into a union.

aquaprint, Switzerland

Aquaprint is a swiss printer who specialized in ecological printing methods.

Askerus, Germany

Askerus is the opposite of ebay. You suggest a price for something and you receive offers. There is an Askerus for travel, mobility, energy and communication, just to name a few.

Festland, Germany

An extraordinary band that writes music to the lyrics of a painter.

Firescape, USA

Along with this logo for the band ‘Firescape’, we also did a design of the sleeve for their new CD. Unfortunately the band split up before the CD got released. Sometimes shit happens, sometimes it’s just rock’n roll.

Gehatec, Switzerland

Gehatec is a company for building quipment. What started as a redesign became a very individual logo in the end.

Haus und Wohnen, Switzerland

A strange company. They sell art and houses. Well the logo was refused, to tell the truth, but we liked it somehow.

Howe, Germany

Howe is an engineering company.

Awarded with the World Logo Design Award (Wolda 08)

Knickelkopp, Germany

Knickelkopp is a charming little fashion brand from Berlin. They have great bags and a lot of other useful stuff.

Lattino, Switzerland

This logo did not get further than being a proposal. It was for a milk-creamer.

Marienkirche, Germany

The Marienkirche in Witten is buliding a new organ. The biggest scaral instrument of the region. A little campaign was launched to make that public, and we did the design.

Awarded with the World Logo Design Award (Wolda 08)

Neo Eins, Switzerland

Neo Eins and Neo Zwei are two swiss private radio stations. One is for pop and rock and the other for Volksmusik.

Seeleninsel, Germany

An island for your soul. That might be the translation. In fact it is rather a place to have your soul repaired.

Shift, Japan

Shift is a japanese online design magazine. They had a logo-competition and for reasons we cannot understand, this logo did not win.

Tierisch verliebt, Germany

You cannot translate this… The joke works just in German. It is a dating website for animal lovers. Well no, not that kind of lovers.