You want a font that nobody else has? A font to rep­re­sent the val­ues and the spirit of your enter­prise? How about a cus­tom font by Cape Arcona Type Foundry? Hand in hand with you, we will develop the font to your satisfaction.

Maybe you have a design that is not a font yet? We will help you to trans­form your
idea into a font. And we will help you in as many steps as you wish: dig­i­tiz­ing,
spac­ing, kern­ing or the devel­op­ment into a font-family with mul­ti­ple weights
and widths. Our ser­vices offer:

  • Design and real­i­sa­tion of a cus­tom Typeface
  • Dig­i­tiz­ing of your typeface
  • Adding lig­a­tures and alter­nate char­ac­ters to an exist­ing typeface
  • Adding lin­ing, old­style and tab­u­lar fig­ures to an exist­ing typeface

Con­tact us and we can give you an estimate.

Case stud­ies
Cus­tom type
CA Zara­cusa

Type­face editing
Ramm­stein / Bryan Adams / Dirk Rudolph
dig­i­tal high­end
Covenant / Dirk Rudolph