Deichmann custom font by the Cape Arcona Type Foundry



In 2010 the Cape Arcona Type Foundry was commissioned with the creation of a custom type for DEICHMANN, one of Germany’s biggest shoe retail chains.

The task was to develop a typeface based on the new logotype created by “KW43 BRANDDESIGN”. The aim was to design a typeface with more clarity, simplicity and elegance than the existing corporate font. This makes the new DEICHMANN font so timeless. As the labeling of prices in stores and catalogs is a typographic focus in the DEICHMANN communication, greatest care was taken in the design of the numerals. The selection of weights was specially designed to meet the needs of the new corporate design (awarded among other prizes with the RED DOT AWARD).

The first important addition to the original DEICHMANN type family, was the design of a Cyrillic character set. Since DEICHMANN’s activity in East Europe is focused on Bulgaria, the new letters were designed to please Bulgarian eyes, for there are a couple of fine but distinct differences between Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic.

Always being up to date, DEICHMANN introduced the Turkish Lira sign soon after it had received its own Unicode. This probably makes the DEICHMANN corporate font one of the first fonts in the world to include the Turkish Lira.

Deichmann custom font includes 5 weights

Deichmann custom font includes authentic Bulgarian Cyrillic

Deichmann custom font. One of the first typefaces to feature the new Turkish Lira sign

Deichmann custom font features an extensive character set

The old and the new corporate type