CA Zaracusa

Duisburger Filmwoche, Germany

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The »Duisburger Filmwoche« is one of the major documentary film festivals in Germany. The aim was to create a font that gives the festival an identity of it’s own. CA Zaracusa was used for all printed matters, such as tickets, posters, catalogues and invitations. It should represent friendlinessand modest self-confidence. Two widths were needed, one for headlines and one space saving version for the sometimes long texts in the catalogue. As numbers played an important role in the design, medieval numbers were as well needed as regular ones. Also there should be the option to accentuate words in the texts and the customer had the wish to do so with italic text. CA Zaracusa grew pretty soon to a well built font family, that is now accessible for everyone.
It was chosen by the »Berlin Inside« magazine as the standard font for text and headlines.