CA Zara­cusa

Duis­burger Film­woche, Germany

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The »Duis­burger Film­woche« is one of the major doc­u­men­tary film fes­ti­vals in Ger­many. The aim was to cre­ate a font that gives the fes­ti­val an iden­tity of it’s own. CA Zara­cusa was used for all printed mat­ters, such as tick­ets, posters, cat­a­logues and invi­ta­tions. It should rep­re­sent friend­li­nes­sand mod­est self-confidence. Two widths were needed, one for head­lines and one space sav­ing ver­sion for the some­times long texts in the cat­a­logue. As num­bers played an impor­tant role in the design, medieval num­bers were as well needed as reg­u­lar ones. Also there should be the option to accen­tu­ate words in the texts and the cus­tomer had the wish to do so with italic text. CA Zara­cusa grew pretty soon to a well built font fam­ily, that is now acces­si­ble for every­one.
It was cho­sen by the »Berlin Inside« mag­a­zine as the stan­dard font for text and headlines.