Department of OpenType construction
From time to time our “Department of Typeface Construction” releases information, documents and scripts for typeface designer and font developer. “What’s good for us, is good for you.”

FontLab Studio 5 Python Scrips
CA Font Family Naming [B].py

This script changes the font names of all opened fonts for the use as font families.
The naming method will also split up the family into single-font-families in the font menu in non-OT-savvy Windows applications.

This script changes the family and font names according to Karsten Lueckes “Font Naming, Scheme [B], Page 7/8, Version 1.02″ AS ONE DIFFERENCE: the script will style-link italic styles!
Tested with FontLab Studio 5.1.4. See included Documentation for more information.
v 0.990 Download

CA Add extension to glyph

Simple script that adds an extension/suffix to all selected glyph names. Probably not needful for experts, but we found the internal function of renaming/adding suffixes inside FontLab not handy enough for our needs, so we wrote our own script. Use it or leave it.
Before: “Glyphname” or “Glyphname.extension”
After: “Glyphname.your_extension”
add extension to glyph name

If an extension is already set in the glyph name, it strips out the extension name first.
Tested with FontLab Studio 5.1.4.
v 1.0 Download