Department of OpenType construction
From time to time our “Depart­ment of Type­face Con­struc­tion” releases infor­ma­tion, doc­u­ments and scripts for type­face designer and font devel­oper. “What’s good for us, is good for you.”

Font­Lab Stu­dio 5 Python Scrips
CA Font Fam­ily Nam­ing [B].py

This script changes the font names of all opened fonts for the use as font fam­i­lies.
The nam­ing method will also split up the fam­ily into single-font-families in the font menu in non-OT-savvy Win­dows applications.

This script changes the fam­ily and font names accord­ing to Karsten Lueckes “Font Nam­ing, Scheme [B], Page 7/8, Ver­sion 1.02″ AS ONE DIFFERENCE: the script will style-link italic styles!
Tested with Font­Lab Stu­dio 5.1.4. See included Doc­u­men­ta­tion for more infor­ma­tion.
v 0.990 Down­load

CA Add exten­sion to glyph

Sim­ple script that adds an extension/suffix to all selected glyph names. Prob­a­bly not need­ful for experts, but we found the inter­nal func­tion of renaming/adding suf­fixes inside Font­Lab not handy enough for our needs, so we wrote our own script. Use it or leave it.
Before: “Glyph­name” or “Glyphname.extension“
After: “Glyphname.your_extension“
add extension to glyph name

If an exten­sion is already set in the glyph name, it strips out the exten­sion name first.
Tested with Font­Lab Stu­dio 5.1.4.
v 1.0 Down­load