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CA Cula is somehow a kind of CA BND version 2. It started from the same basis, but received funky ink traps and the letterforms are more open. This makes it a bit more friendly to read and gives the font a certain tension which you dear buyer should now start to appreciate (by buying it).

CA Cula is standing in the tradition of cool tempered sans serif typefaces like DIN. But at a closer look it reveals a tendency towards rounder reading-friendly forms. The denaturalized ink traps give CA Cula a very special and individual look in display sizes, whereas in smaller sizes the positive aspects of huge ink traps show effect. The text looks clean and bright without black dots in the typographic image. This makes CA Cula suitable even for longer text, while the bold weight makes pretty cool headlines.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: Blooper

This is the last day of our one week promotion and we like to give you a special one now. From time to time we give some press conferences that are recorded live and can be found in our CAPE TV section.
For sure, everything is staged, like in every Hollywood movie, so, we give you some outtakes and blooper here, some sort of making of, some, well, you decide for yourself. Created back in 2009 this video never saw the light of day until today!

Buy our fonts and make us rich! Thank you.

Cape Arcona Type Foundry – Blooper on Vimeo.

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We really don’t understand, why CA Cape Rock didn’t become an instant bestseller. It’s such a cute font, with so many fancy ligatures. Come on – have a second look.
Created with a fat Clarendon in mind, its bold and distinctive forms add spice and personality to every design requiring a strong display aesthetic. A large number of ligatures and custom ending characters are included in this OpenType font and can be accessed automatically or manually in most modern design applications.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: Fonts in use

The excitement to see our fonts in use is a very special feeling. Sometimes we have tears in our eyes, some for good, some for bad. We remember having a good time watching the 2004, surf movie “riding Giants” (here is a trailer) when we saw the title and credits set in a slightly trashed version of our beloved CA KissKissBangBang.

We also got wet eyes when we saw the title design and credits of a German TV series airing at a TV Station who is THE pioneer of lower class television in Germany: RTL. They gave us soft erotic movies in the early ’90s when we needed them most. Anyway,the thing is that they used CA Texas Funeral for title design and cred­its of the show „Rach, der Restau­ranttester“. Since this font is free for noncommercial use, we are skeptical about how other people understand the term “commercial”.

Sometimes our fonts are irrevocably linked to subculture. We like that a lot. Actually we like the use of our fonts for independent music festivals a lot more then the use for products made out of butter or milk. So here comes a really trashy one. It’s for the “Silly Art F*ck Festival”, back in 2006, in Hannover (a city some of you G.I.s still remember) with some really crazy bands, like “B*tt F*ck P*ssy” (so much “u” missing here) or “Rauschabstand” or “Impulsantwort”. Great! All set in our CA Pussy Galore, everything fits together.

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We knew that CA Normal Serif wouldn’t become an instant bestseller, as slab serifs are a bit out of fashion at the moment. But fashions come and go and we strongly believe that one day the pendulum will swing back from dynamic fonts to static ones. For sans-serif typefaces we already see this trend (think of the many many helvetica-like fonts newly released), so you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know that one day, everyone will use Clarendon, Bookman, Century Schoolbook and the likes. And then people will find them all too wide and they will remember CA Normal Serif and then they will buy it and then we will finally get rich. Amen!
CA Normal Serif is the perfect companion to its grotesque brother CA Normal Sans. But it is not just a serifed equivalent. It has a character of its own while preserving the principal proportions and the idea of quirkiness. It was not the aim to build a typeface that can immediately be identified as a relative of CA Normal Sans. The intention was to create a matching typeface in aspects of aesthetic and concept. Whereas commonly serif-companions to grotesques are old-style or slab-serif, CA Normal Serif is situated between modern and slab-serif typefaces.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: Cula Shoes

Is it just a strange coincidence, that there is a shoe manufacturer out there with the same name as one of our favorite typeface, CA Cula? No, of course not. Back in the early 00’s we were introduced to the ministry of commerce in Cuba to create a corporate identity for “Cula”, a shoe manufacturer. In fact, they do not manufacture shoes, they just buy second-hand shoes and sell them as “3rd-hand” shoes or give it for free to poor people, what is a pity, mostly all people in Cuba are. The logo was created by Stefan Claudius and we used C.I.A. by Thomas Schostok as corporate type.



Cula billboards

Cula billboards

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Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Aires

CA Aires turned out to be our most popular free font (now only rivaled by Cula Light) and after requests for a proper font, the success-story continued. So today we offer you one of our most successful babies for 50% off.
This font was inspired by a postcard from the 30s. On the one side near the stamp were the words ‘BUENOS AIRES’. It looked so simple yet strange, that we started to make a font of it. It turned out to become Cape Arcona’s most popular free font and we were even sent Spanish versions of the font. After a lot of requests for a full character set we started to draw the lower cases. They keep the simple but quirky style that makes the upper cases so interesting and versatile.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: BEAST PDF Magazine

Some would say, it all started here – and Cape Arcona was born out of the legendary BEAST magazine, which was created by the people behind the Cape. In fact, BEAST magazine used a lot of unusual typography and was for sure a platform to test out new typefaces. We also created new typefaces for the use in the magazine. One of the first fonts used in it’s early stages was CA No Dr., for example. Legends say that after we laid down the work on BEAST, we just created Cape Arcona. Who knows the truth?

BEAST Magazine

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Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Normal Sans

CA Normal had it’s debut in january 2010 during a presentation at the tgm in Munich. It originally started with the idea of a cleaned-up version of CA Aires. So the proportions of the upper cases are basically the same as in CA Aires. The lower cases are significantly narrower to match the caps. We even did small caps, which is such a pain in the ass.
CA Normal is a typeface aiming for beauty without ostensible effects, merely relying on clarity and well balanced proportions. It merges influences from European grotesques and American gothics, breeding an experimental mongrel. The underlying concept stays in the background, giving the design a great self-evidence. Although it is doubtful if there can be such thing as neutrality, CA Normal comes pretty close to what people mean when speaking of a neutral font.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: Bonde söker fru

Back in 2005 or so we got a mail from a Swedish television agency asking us the favor to set the words “BONDE SÖKER FRU” in our typeface Dekoria, because they admitted being unsure if Dekoria would fit their purposes and if the claim would look good in that font. Not having the faintest idea what that could mean (actually it means “Farmer wants Wife”) we sent them a picture. A few month later we got a second mail with kind thanks and a screenshot attached. Whenever we feel down (what hardly ever happens, of course) we think of 1,5 million people seeing our typeface in a TV series in which a farmer is looking for a woman (or a man). We hope that BONDE SÖKER FRU has a more elaborated and reputable concept of showing a farmers life than Germany’s equivalent called “Bauer sucht Frau”, which is the best example for underclass television. How about a series called “Typedesigner wants Customer”?

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This is a really an early one. Maybe even one of the very first fonts on Cape Arcona.  It’s first design was developed for the Beast magazine. We were totally convoked of having hit a goldmine, but it is only now that No Dr. turns out to become a bestseller.
CA No Dr. was inspired by an old movie poster lettering for the 1962 movie “James Bond: Dr. No”. Just like the original Dr. No, No Dr. has a diabolical charm. It was developed into a font family that combines distinctiveness with versatility. Intended to become an interesting alternative to the much used DIN Schrift, it has now developed into a highly functional family of it’s own, yeah.
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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: We’ve been brewing beer

Back in the days of the first 33pt symposium in Dortmund in 2006, we thought of an especially exclusive idea to treat the guests (the speakers, not the public): A smooth amber colored ale with a taste between old socks and extinct campfire. We made a dozen and still had eleven bottles at the end of the day. We still wonder why.


A day in the history of Cape Arcona: The geniuses of branding at work

Yeah sometimes we do more than just fonts. Some day in 2004 we were approached by German brand Wollblitz to do a redesign of their logo. Of course we did it but we didn’t stop there. Our genius brains worked on and on the question of how to spread the message and core values of Wollblitz even better. You know what happens when two flocks of sheep mix up? It’s endless trouble because one sheep looks like the next and only the Shepard can tell which is Elsa and which Martha. So sheep are marked with coloured dots – ugly and carelessly made. We came up with the idea of producing stencils and marking the sheep properly. So if now, you see a sheep bearing the Wollblitz mark, you’ll not only know which flocks it belongs to, you will also know that this cute sheep is about to produce the wool for your next cuddly pull-over. Genius isn’t it?

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10 years of type, 10 years of sunglasses, 10 years of wigs… Happy birthday to us! 
How long are 10 years? For a relationship it’s long, for a business it’s short. Cape Arcona Type Foundry is kind of both, so for us 10 years is what? The opportunity to throw a one week party! You know us, we never were children of sorrow. “Party” is our middle name. After all, this is nothing new to us, since we mostly have parties that take a couple of days, but this time we like to share the happiness with you!
It goes like this: starting from today November 26th to December 2nd (Monday – Sunday), we like to give you 50% off, for a font or a font family.
Each day, a new font will be selected by us, but of course we won’t tell you what it is before. You have to come here to see what’s for sale. But we promise, we have well-chosen some cheap and expensive fonts as well, so you can save a lot if you buy a lot. And to reanimate one of the oldest marketing tricks ever, we will offer you one font for free if you buy two fonts during this week. But that’s just the business part – the cool thing is, that every day we will reveal a little bit of our history. So there are many reasons to visit the Cape every day.
Let’s start with the first typeface:

CA Spy Royal – 50% off

Cape Arcona Type Foundry – 10th Anniversary – CA Spy Royal

There are not too many stories to tell about this font. It’s a genius stroke, what more can we say?
CA Spy Royal was inspired by an advertising for Japan Airlines, around 1950. We think about Hot Rod, spy movies, cocktails with kinky girls, fluffy pillows, pink panties, dynamite and gasoline.

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The Sweet Memories of Cape Arcona: Music for the Masses

We at Cape Arcona have a passion for music. You can call us the “singing font makers”. Only some hardcore fans of us know, that we played some songs during some of our lectures and workshops. As the King of Cape Arcona has a passion for Elvis Presley, well, we only played songs of Elvis. We played our first song at the BD4D conference in Mannheim, back in 2004. As far as we know, there are some videos on Youtube. Don’t ask, we don’t show, it’s terrible. The second song of Elvis was at the 33pt conference in Dortmund, 2006. We sang “Return to Sender” from Elvis. If you have a good video of us singing the song, you get a free font from us!
Later we started the Cape Arcona Love Band, because we thought we have to give the people something back. Oh yeah.
When we are creating fonts, we always listen to music, in fact it’s always playing, even in our dreams. So, we made a list of 5 top songs that were played at most in our iTunes Library and we listen to during Kerning, Spacing, Designing:
Top 5 – The King of Cape Arcona
1 – Playing Your Game – Barry White – Play count: 956
2 – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live) – Elvis Presley – Play count: 639
3 – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live) – Elvis Presley – Play count: 609
4 – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’  (Live) – Elvis Presley – Play count: 572
5 – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Live) – Elvis Presley – Play count: 544
Top 5 – The President of Cape Arcona
1 – Cape Arcona Love Band – Hey Girl – Play count: 786
2 – Otis Redding  – Hard To Handle – Play count: 728
3 – Beatles – Paperback Writer – Play count: 579
4 – Beach Boys – Fun Fun Fun – Play count: 546
5 – Bedhead – Dark Ages – Play count: 495


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