Some rules in life are sim­ple. If you had a good drink: go and get another one. For type sym­posia it’s basi­cally the same. In 2006 33pt was pretty cool, so here is the next one: 33pt. Eska­pade. Cape Arconas Pres­i­dent, Ste­fan Claudius, helps plan­ning and orga­niz­ing this event with a group of stu­dents and pro­fes­sor Sabine an Huef. The list of speak­ers is impres­sive. Mar­tin Majoor, Rob Meek, Phil Baines, David Crow and ‘Type radio’ to name just a few. For more infor­ma­tion, a time sched­ule and a com­plete list of the ref­er­ents with back­ground info and loads of funny movies, got to
The whole thing starts on fri­day 3rd of april at the Fach­hochschule Dort­mund in Ger­many and lasts till sat­ur­day. Cape Arconas Pres­i­dent will be there and maybe our King too. Hope to meet you for a drink, or not.