NEWS TAGGED ‘irregular’

This is a decon­struc­tive one. Some of you remem­ber those days where you where called ‘out­sider’ because you never used those type­faces your friends used? With those mem­o­ries in mind we offer you a type­face with the tag: ‘out­sider’. Cre­ated exclu­sively for a cat­a­log for the exhi­bi­tion ‘Hail to the King, Baby!’, CA Hail to the King is based upon dif­fer­ent let­ters taken from hand­made signs from all over the world. You will find a lot of unex­pected spe­cials: irreg­u­lar char­ac­ter sizes and styles (upper­case char­ac­ters are bold; low­er­case char­ac­ters are in reg­u­lar style) every­thing that makes ‘CA Hail to the King’ so diver­si­fied and unpre­dictable. In addi­tion to west Euro­pean dia­crit­ics, an exten­sive cen­tral Euro­pean char­ac­ter set was added, includ­ing some very nice styl­is­tic alter­nates. Now avail­able!

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