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A new year, a new type­face. This time we have some­thing very spe­cial for you. Our Pres­i­dent of Cape Arcona, Mr. Ste­fan Claudius made this won­der­ful text type­face: CA Nor­mal.

CA Nor­mal merges influ­ences from Euro­pean grotesques and Amer­i­can Goth­ics, breed­ing an exper­i­men­tal mon­grel. The under­ly­ing con­cept stays in the back­ground, giv­ing the design a great self-evidence. Although it is doubt­ful if there can be such thing as neu­tral­ity, CA Nor­mal comes pretty close to what peo­ple mean when speak­ing of a neu­tral font. Nev­er­the­less it’s not face­less, anony­mous or con­found able. It’s just that the charm comes from sub­tle details rather than obvi­ous design fea­tures. CA Nor­mal comes in 15 fonts with 5 weights and 3 styles and fea­tur­ing small caps, lig­a­tures, old­style and lin­ing fig­ures.
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