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Hurray, CA Cula, a new text family designed by Thomas Schostok {ths} is being released today. When we look back into our archive we discovered that the first alpha version dated back to 2007. It’s somewhat spooky to think that it took us 4 long years to finalize this typeface but you know, we are pool watchers. So either we are very lazy and loved our pool, the girls and the Martinis a little bit too much, or we just spent a tremendous lot of time and effort into the production of the typeface. How knows…

This typeface is standing in the tradition of cool tempered sans serif typefaces like DIN. But at a closer look it reveals a tendency towards rounder reading-friendly forms. The denaturalized ink traps give CA Cula a very special and individual look in display sizes, whereas in smaller sizes the positive aspects of huge ink traps show effect. The text looks clean and bright without black dots in the typographic image. This makes CA Cula suitable even for longer text, while the bold weight makes pretty cool headlines. The technical specifications speaks for itself: 8 styles, central Europe character set, extensive ligatures, old-style numerals, true italics and stylistic alternates.

Didi you read this text to the very end? Okay, here is your reward: you now, we from Cape Arcona always gave you candy in the past, so we do in the present: CA Cula Light is for free, yes, for you, for free! No chargeback, nothing.

This is a deconstructive one. Some of you remember those days where you where called ‘outsider’ because you never used those typefaces your friends used? With those memories in mind we offer you a typeface with the tag: ‘outsider’. Created exclusively for a catalog for the exhibition ‘Hail to the King, Baby!’, CA Hail to the King is based upon different letters taken from handmade signs from all over the world. You will find a lot of unexpected specials: irregular character sizes and styles (uppercase characters are bold; lowercase characters are in regular style) everything that makes ‘CA Hail to the King’ so diversified and unpredictable. In addition to west European diacritics, an extensive central European character set was added, including some very nice stylistic alternates. Now available!

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The King of Cape Arcona, Thomas Schostok aka {ths} will hold two lectures this month:

Thursday, May 20, 2010, 6:00pm
Aula, Fachhochschule Dortmund/Fachbereich Design, Germany
More information

Art and Typography: On Beauty, Ugliness, Not Only in Typography
Saturday, May 29, 2010
galeria Design – BWA Wrocław, ul. Świdnicka 2-4, Wroclaw, Poland
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Due to actual circumstances, the lecture has been canceled. Thomas wasn’t able to get another flight to Poland. The lecture will be postponed to a date in mid may. We will inform you when we get a new date. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

„Art and Typography“:
On Beauty, Ugliness, Not Only in Typography

The King of Cape Arcona, Thomas Schostok aka {ths} will hold a speech about typography, design and art. To him the classical borders that are drawn between commercial and non-commercial art are blurred. The three disciplines are strongly influencing each other, so that one couldn’t exist without the other. Whatever {ths} is working on, he is looking for the beauty of imperfection. Every typeface and every design needs a certain amount of ugliness to become interesting and beautiful in a deeper and more touching way than superficial beauty could be.

Thursday, April 22, 2010, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
galeria Design – BWA Wrocław, ul. Świdnicka 2-4, Wroclaw, Poland

Some more information:

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You might think, that we at Cape Arcona lost a little bit our favor for extraordinary typefaces? Naa, come on. We still have the rock ‘n’ roll, baby. This leads us to the next point, which is CA Sivle. Uhh, what a font.  It’s the craziest baby in town, and yeah, it’s FREE. Sivle<>elviS?

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CA Cula Superfat
Do you know, that we love everything that makes us fat? Meat, ice cream, chocolate, fonts.
Oh yes, fonts, CA Cula Superfat is the new (fat) baby in town and it really makes us very hungry.
Taken from the upcoming CA Cula family, CA Cula Superfat is a display typeface meant for use in extremely large sizes—but hey it’s up to you to use it in any size you want. A central European character set, loads of ligatures, oldstyle and lining figures is what makes it so lovely – plus the attribute: “made with love from lovers”.
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CA Texas Funeral
A typeface like a road movie. Created back in 2000, CA TexasFuneral now features an extensive character set (371 glyphs) and OpenType feature support. And all for free, baby. Killya!

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CA BND Bold Web
Ah, we all know about the “new” webfont technology. So we released a typeface for exclusive use for websites. CA BND Bold Web is based upon our favorite CA BND and it is free for all commercial and non-commercial WEB uses. Yes, free. Well, it only works in web browser who support the @font-face embedding. Okay, enough technobubble.

CA Cape Rock
Dear friends of hacked off serifs, here comes your new buddy: Cape Rock. We guess you saw this font a few times already (on our T-Shirts for example) and always wondered where to buy it. Well we took our time to improve this font and to add a whole bunch of entertaining ligatures. And then it went through the merciless Cape Arcona National Font Test Centre (NFTC). That took a lot of time. You will love it!

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