Cape Arcona Trash Pack
Trash, trash, yes, yes. Come with us into the wonderful world of trash and grunge fonts. For a limited time, the Cape Arcona Type Foundry offers you The Cape Arcona Trash Pack. The package includes six of Cape Arconas finest grunge fonts: CA BND Trash, CA Coronado, CA Moskow has a Plan, CA Nars 1,2,3,X, CA Trasher and CA Wolkenfluff for an incredible price of just €49 (regular price: €151). The Cape Arcona Trash Pack is available until 21. August 2009, so buy the package before it is too late. The offer ended and it’s not available anymore.

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CA Misfit™
Trash, trash, trash, I’m hungry. It’s the end of the week and what would fit better than a wonderful trash typeface to play with, the whole weekend long? So, take CA Misfit made by our lovely Stefanie Koerner. It’s such a nice typeface and it’s free, kids!

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There is always some madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness.

CA Nihil Superstar
CA Nihil Superstar
You don’t have to read this. This text does not contain any worthy information. It is only about another free font. Like there are zillions out there. So we thought, we might as well put out another, it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s derived from Friedrich Nietzsches typewriter, the first of its kind to be produced in series.

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