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The all new CA Viva Las Vegas! Our beloved light bulb type­face inspired by sig­nage of con­cert halls of the 70s when Elvis was play­ing in Las Vegas under­went a big remake. It now fea­tures a full low­er­case character-set  and adds sup­port for Cen­tral Euro­pean lan­guages. It comes even bet­ter, we also added a Russ­ian Cyril­lic character-set so that even the Rus­sians can praise the Sin City or set the word “gam­bling” in their own lan­guage. The over­all amount of char­ac­ters is now 487 includ­ing some fine lig­a­tures, some alter­nates and – as one of the first light bulb type­faces in the world – the Turk­ish Lira sign.

CA Viva Las Vegas

But that’s not all. In the course of the redesign we added a bunch of new weights (Ultra Light, Thin, Light) based on a lay­ered sys­tem. Com­bin­ing styles, weights and col­ors  gives you end­less design opportunities.

CA Viva Las Vegas is best used as a Dis­play font in big font sizes.

And the best thing at all: the price has not changed. That’s Vegas!

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