CA Moskow has a plan, again


Добрый день! It was long overdue – an update of our nice little, almost forgotten font CA Moskow has a plan. In the course of re-encoding our fonts to OpenType, we stumbled across this inconspicuous gentle typeface. Originally designed in 2002 to simulate letterpress aesthetics, we were so much taken by it’s charms, that we did not only add glyphs for a Central European character-set, arrows, alternative characters and OpenType features, we also decided to take it back to it’s origins.
The design had been inspired by a Russian book, published in the west to show workers of all countries, that Moskow has a plan for them. What could suit this font better than a Cyrillic alphabet? So we did it and even added the newly unicoded Rouble sign. Although it should not have kerning, as this does not exist in letterpress, we added kerning that you can switch off according to your needs. Na sdorowje towarischtsch!