CA Recape Family

Cape Arcona’s Recape

We are proud to present a wonderful new typeface family. Designed by our man Thomas Schostok, CA Recape is a weird and beautiful vintage script family with two styles.

We have a Regular and a “Cape Arcona old school” Raw style — just in case you want the full experience.

CA Recape is an excellent choice for creating all kind of custom-made looking designs. Use it for logotypes, headlines, signs, poster, etc., etc., etc. It got its basic inspiration from old American 50s sign- and advertising-lettering, but it wouldn’t be Cape Arcona, if it just focused on one special style. Instead, we take it as a “Greatest Hits of the 50s”-Remix, shake the weirdest and most handsome letter-forms and serve it as a charismatic bastard cocktail.

We packed CA Recape with a lot of OpenType features which you will surely love. Great Ligatures, Stylistic, Discretionary, Titling and Contextual Alternates, a wonderful underlining swashes feature. We also added some nice Ornaments.

The CA Recape Family is available at a reduced introductory price until 7th of February. So don’t miss it, you bargain hunter!

We are also working on some other styles for release in the near future. So don’t miss our updates and connect to our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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