CA Segundo release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
let us show you our brand new typeface: CA Segundo – a mixed up, different stroke-style display font.
The inspiration came from a wall-writing somewhere in Cuba and when we first saw it, we thought: “that’s something Cape Arcona could have released twelve years ago”.

CA Segundo

In 2002 we founded Cape Arcona, and the first typefaces we released had a quite particular style, similar to CA Segundo. Speaking of particular style we think of grunge fonts, fonts with mixed strokes and width, boldy headliners – fonts that where different – non-mainstream fonts, if you like. Over the years our repertoire of typefaces moved to a more sophisticated style and it might seem that “the spirit” or the original philosophy of Cape Arcona was hiding behind sans-serifs like CA Normal or serifs like CA Texteron. With CA Segundo we are proud to release a typeface that brings back the spirit of “the good old times”.


CA Segundo CA Segundo