Cape Arcona Fonts now available at Fontspring

Cape and Fontspring

Sometimes at Cape Arcona we get visits from diplomats and ambassadors. It was just these days when the ambassador of Fontspring.com came with a small boat to our beautiful Island of Arcona to take a short trip around our fontalicious country. It was not only a couple of Martinis that let Cape and Fontspring, both with a passion for type, agree on a cooperation (and no, we don’t mean that kind of cooperation, where one is bought by another). With cooperation we mean distribution of our typefaces.

Fontspring is an independent font distributor, also specialized in webfonts, which comes in handy, because we at the Cape Arcona Type Foundry did not offer webfonts – until now!
Nearly all of our typefaces are now available at Fontspring and with the help of their secret hinting engine, we now can offer webfonts at hassle-free user-conditions. If you want Cape fonts for the web, this is the way to go!