Capes 10th Anniversary: CA Aires Pro – 50% off

CA Aires turned out to be our most popular free font (now only rivaled by Cula Light) and after requests for a proper font, the success-story continued. So today we offer you one of our most successful babies for 50% off.

This font was inspired by a postcard from the 30s. On the one side near the stamp were the words ‘BUENOS AIRES’. It looked so simple yet strange, that we started to make a font of it. It turned out to become Cape Arcona’s most popular free font and we were even sent Spanish versions of the font. After a lot of requests for a full character set we started to draw the lower cases. They keep the simple but quirky style that makes the upper cases so interesting and versatile.

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A day in the history of Cape Arcona: BEAST PDF Magazine

Some would say, it all started here – and Cape Arcona was born out of the legendary BEAST magazine, which was created by the people behind the Cape. In fact, BEAST magazine used a lot of unusual typography and was for sure a platform to test out new typefaces. We also created new typefaces for the use in the magazine. One of the first fonts used in it’s early stages was CA No Dr., for example. Legends say that after we laid down the work on BEAST, we just created Cape Arcona. Who knows the truth?

BEAST Magazine