Capes 10th Anniversary: CA No Dr. – 50% off


This is a really an early one. Maybe even one of the very first fonts on Cape Arcona.  It’s first design was developed for the Beast magazine. We were totally convoked of having hit a goldmine, but it is only now that No Dr. turns out to become a bestseller.
CA No Dr. was inspired by an old movie poster lettering for the 1962 movie “James Bond: Dr. No”. Just like the original Dr. No, No Dr. has a diabolical charm. It was developed into a font family that combines distinctiveness with versatility. Intended to become an interesting alternative to the much used DIN Schrift, it has now developed into a highly functional family of it’s own, yeah.
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CA No Dr. Family only

A day in the history of Cape Arcona: We’ve been brewing beer

Back in the days of the first 33pt symposium in Dortmund in 2006, we thought of an especially exclusive idea to treat the guests (the speakers, not the public): A smooth amber colored ale with a taste between old socks and extinct campfire. We made a dozen and still had eleven bottles at the end of the day. We still wonder why.


A day in the history of Cape Arcona: The geniuses of branding at work

Yeah sometimes we do more than just fonts. Some day in 2004 we were approached by German brand Wollblitz to do a redesign of their logo. Of course we did it but we didn’t stop there. Our genius brains worked on and on the question of how to spread the message and core values of Wollblitz even better. You know what happens when two flocks of sheep mix up? It’s endless trouble because one sheep looks like the next and only the Shepard can tell which is Elsa and which Martha. So sheep are marked with coloured dots – ugly and carelessly made. We came up with the idea of producing stencils and marking the sheep properly. So if now, you see a sheep bearing the Wollblitz mark, you’ll not only know which flocks it belongs to, you will also know that this cute sheep is about to produce the wool for your next cuddly pull-over. Genius isn’t it?