Double pack font release: CA Rough Rider + CA Rusty Nail

We worked on a lot of new typefaces this year, although actually there is not much time for work between cocktail- and pool-parties. But today, just in time for this rough season of the year, we are releasing two new — very hand-made — typefaces.

CA Rough Rider looks like a typeface we could have released sometimes back in 2002 when we started Cape Arcona. Years ago, we developed the typeface for a logo design, just forget about it, and rediscovered it lately. It’s — like the name suggests — a rough typographic ride. A lovely „distressed“ font for things like illustrative titles, logotypes or small text.

CA Rusty Nail, another hand-made darling, comes in Regular + Bold and was created for a German liquor company as part of their corporate design. Like it’s companion CA Rough Rider, it’s also suitable for titles, rusty logotypes or labels of all kind.

The big deal: both typefaces come with an extra dingbat font containing catch words like „and, of, with, for“ and some decorative elements.

One more thing: whatever happens, stay tuned! Further font releases will be in november/december and january. We double the fun with font releases, hurray!

CA Rough Rider CA Rusty Nail CA Rough Rider CA Rusty Nail Font in use