New typeface release: CA Saygon Family

CA Saygon Family

How did this amazing font family come about? In 2017 we participated in a competition for a larger corporate design project. I goal was to create a typeface that would make visible the fractions of a post postmodern society. Based on a typeface we had just started with, a handful of letters were selected after hundreds of sketches. The combination of these letters makes the rebellion of individuality visible on the one hand, but on the other hand leads to a coherent typeface. Unfortunately we lost the pitch, but to be honest, we weren’t really sad, because we didn’t really like the idea of making such a great typeface for just one customer so we started to expand the font and quickly realized that a companion suitable for the setting of lager quantities of text would make sense: the birth of CA Saygon Text.

The basic forms and proportions of the CA Saygon Text were adopted and continued in such a way that a straight font family from Thin to Extrabold resulted. A fundamental inspiration were early static grotesque typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk. Nevertheless, the typeface was by no means intended to have a historical look. Thus, a relatively high x-height was chosen, which makes the typeface quite economical in type-setting, since the letters appear visually larger. A relatively small line spacing with good legibility can be achieved due to the small ascenders and the low cap height. Letters like f and t, which otherwise tend to end in curves, were given right angles, which on the one hand meets certain design elements of the original CA Saygon Display,but on the other hand also refers to contemporary trends in typeface design.

A special feature are the five styles in which CA Saygon Textcan be used. The basic setting is the Helvetica style, with two-storey a and g. The Futura style has a single-storey a and a two-storey g accordingly. The third style with two-storey a and three-storey g is called the Franklin style. But the real highlight is the Cape style with single-storey a and three-storey g – a real rarity, let yourself be inspired by this unusual typeface. If you like it even more progressive, you should try the Flat style, which continues the right angles in a, g, and yas well. 

Thanks to the Latin Extended and Cyrillic character sets, a huge language area is covered that even extends to Vietnam! Even the exotic German uppercase-double-s is available. Numerous OpenType features make life easier for the professional typographer: there are fractions, superscript and subscript numbers, as well as proportional and tabular capitals.

Now get the cups up and welcome the CA Saygon Family!

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