Game developer Playdead from Copenhagen, Denmark, creators of the wonderful LIMBO game, used our typeface CA Geheimagent for their upcoming game INSIDE. We played LIMBO a lot so, we are very proud to see our typeface in one of their next games. We love you Playdead!
By the way, we have a new Font in use section, now with the help of tumblr.com.playdead games


CA Spy Royal Shadow

Originally released in 2004, Spy Royal was now undergoing a major rework and is now republished with additional styles like shadow-lines and 3D-shadow. Its charm is manifold, we think everything related to cars, racing, hot rod, vintage, cocktails, retro, restaurants, gasoline and of course airlines will look great in Spy Royal.
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CA Monodon

After such a long time we revised CA Monodon from our Dutch buddy Donald Beekman. Since it was only available as an old Mac PS1 font, we finally converted the typeface family into the OpenType format. Donald revised the whole family and performed some careful modification to each character. The letters are now more open and the kerning was optimized. Hurray!



Добрый день! It was long overdue – an update of our nice little, almost forgotten font CA Moskow has a plan. In the course of re-encoding our fonts to OpenType, we stumbled across this inconspicuous gentle typeface. Originally designed in 2002 to simulate letterpress aesthetics, we were so much taken by it’s charms, that we did not only add glyphs for a Central European character-set, arrows, alternative characters and OpenType features, we also decided to take it back to it’s origins.
The design had been inspired by a Russian book, published in the west to show workers of all countries, that Moskow has a plan for them. What could suit this font better than a Cyrillic alphabet? So we did it and even added the newly unicoded Rouble sign. Although it should not have kerning, as this does not exist in letterpress, we added kerning that you can switch off according to your needs. Na sdorowje towarischtsch!



Cape Arcona’s Recape

We are proud to present a wonderful new typeface family. Designed by our man Thomas Schostok, CA Recape is a weird and beautiful vintage script family with two styles.

We have a Regular and a “Cape Arcona old school” Raw style — just in case you want the full experience.

CA Recape is an excellent choice for creating all kind of custom-made looking designs. Use it for logotypes, headlines, signs, poster, etc., etc., etc. It got its basic inspiration from old American 50s sign- and advertising-lettering, but it wouldn’t be Cape Arcona, if it just focused on one special style. Instead, we take it as a “Greatest Hits of the 50s”-Remix, shake the weirdest and most handsome letter-forms and serve it as a charismatic bastard cocktail.

We packed CA Recape with a lot of OpenType features which you will surely love. Great Ligatures, Stylistic, Discretionary, Titling and Contextual Alternates, a wonderful underlining swashes feature. We also added some nice Ornaments.

The CA Recape Family is available at a reduced introductory price until 7th of February. So don’t miss it, you bargain hunter!

We are also working on some other styles for release in the near future. So don’t miss our updates and connect to our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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CA Oskar typeface was used for the Traumzeit music festival in Duisburg/Germany. The 2 square kilometer big festival place was covered with posters, billboards, prints, flyers, flags, information booth and much more using CA Oskar as the main typeface. The corporate design was made by our man Stefan Claudius.
More photos of the festivals corporate design here


CA Postal stamp-font
We know what you think: Why the hell does the world need another stamp-font? The answer is: Because CA Postal looks better than it’s anchestors. This is first because of it’s handsome futura-like appearance being very pleasant to read, especially in small sizes and second because of it’s more realistic, more authentic look. Grace to Contextual Alternates, CA Postal will not set two identical glyphs next to each other. Behind the curtain CA Postal is not one, but rather two fonts. That’s why it is twice as good. See more…


The all new CA Viva Las Vegas! Our beloved light bulb typeface inspired by signage of concert halls of the 70s when Elvis was playing in Las Vegas underwent a big remake. It now features a full lowercase character-set  and adds support for Central European languages. It comes even better, we also added a Russian Cyrillic character-set so that even the Russians can praise the Sin City or set the word “gambling” in their own language. The overall amount of characters is now 487 including some fine ligatures, some alternates and – as one of the first light bulb typefaces in the world – the Turkish Lira sign.

CA Viva Las Vegas

But that’s not all. In the course of the redesign we added a bunch of new weights (Ultra Light, Thin, Light) based on a layered system. Combining styles, weights and colors  gives you endless design opportunities.

CA Viva Las Vegas is best used as a Display font in big font sizes.

And the best thing at all: the price has not changed. That’s Vegas!

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