The wonderful world of Cape Arcona

“Where fonts come true”

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry is a digital type foundry based in Essen/Germany run by Stefan Claudius and Thomas Schostok.

Cape Arcona was established in 2002 to promote fonts designed for the legendary PDF magazine “Beast”. In our work we are aiming for typefaces with a non-conformist personality. Over the years, the field of business expanded from individual typeface design to custom font production, corporate and logo design and complex text-font families. This is the kind of work we love: Thinking beyond the ordinary, imagining better worlds and better fonts.

Cape Arcona H.Q.

The people behind

Stefan Claudius
He is the “President” of Cape Arcona. Besides designing typefaces, he is and was teaching typography and conceptional design at the universities of Essen, Dortmund and Hamburg. Together with Kathrin Roussel he is running a graphic design studio called Sichtvermerk

Thomas Schostok
He is the “King” of Cape Arcona. Started with graphic design at the begin of the 90’s. Still focusing on web and print design, as an artist Thomas Schostok also had international exhibitions with his artworks. His love for typography can always admired in his art and design work.

Arcona Island

The Arcona Islands. Arcona City is the capital city.

Workshops & Lectures and events

During their free time, the President and the King of Cape Arcona are on the road to hold work- shops or lectures about typography. In rare occasions they are on the road with their band “The Cape Arcona Love Club” and give live performances all over the globe. Here is a small excerpt:
Western Typography
13/14-Aug-2011, Hangzhou, China
14-Apr-2011, Munich, Germany
Buchstaben der Welt, Welt der Buchstaben
13-Jan-2011, Cologne, Germany
Echt – 12. Tage der Typografie
5–7-Nov-2010, Düsseldorf, Germany
OUT OF STH — {ths} Art and Typography
29-May-2010, Wrocław, Poland
Spiel­trieb — Reflek­tor 3
20-May-2010, Dort­mund, Germany
Schrift in Form
6/7-Sep-2008, Offen­bach, Germany
8. Tage der Typografie
5–8-June-2006, Lage Hörste, Germany
33PT, FH Dortmund
19/20-Jan-2006, Dort­mund,
Germany Speaker’s cor­ner
11-Jan-2006, Mün­ster, Germany
BD4D Mannheim 001
29-Oct-2004, Mannheim, Germany

A life between font and fun

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry has its headquarter at the wonderful Cape Arcona on the Arcona island. It was really quiet for hundreds of years until we settled in an imaginary country on an island between Europe and America, exactly were we feel home. In order to combine democracy with monarchy we declared themselves King and President. Within the borders of the country we abolished money and introduced the production of fonts.

For hundreds of years Cape Arcona was a melting pot for the most different cultures but the main influences came from England, America, Spain, Germany and France. Wherever people felt dissatisfied with their countries they immigrated to Cape Arcona and found a friendly climate, nice folks and a peaceful place to live.

Small islands

Small islands at the coast between “Arcona City” and “For the good times”

The Arcona island offers dramatic cliffs and sweet beaches such as El Arcona, Puntarcona or Point d’Arcona. Besides fonts, tourism is one of the major resources of the little country.



The beautiful Beach of El Arcona

Hound Dog

The Lighthouse at the northern coast of the small town Hound Dog

Historical awareness

caparcona_tFor the sake of political correctness we would like to state that we are NOT named after the luxury liner “Cap Arcona”. The ship was named after Cape Arkona on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The thing is, that this luxury liner was used by the nazis for transports of war prisoners. In 1945, when the WWII was nearly over, the RAF bombed the “Cap Arcona” together with two other ships and caused (together with the German soldiers who didn’t allow the prisoners to leave the ship) the death of hundreds of prisoners of their own nationality.
This is a tragedy and we would like to assure you that we didn’t have this in mind when giving our type foundry the name Cape Arcona.

Cape Television
Cape Television shows short sequences about our life as typeface designer, rare documents, intimate disclosures and serious defamations.

The Cape Arcona Love Band
The King and the President made the very first hit single, called ‘Hey Girl’.CALB-HeyGirl_covervinylsingle_small

Download MP3

Declaration of Normality
The King and the President from the Cape Arcona Type Foundry giving their „Declaration of Normality“. 23-February-2009

Coffee and Fonts
The King and the President from the Cape Arcona Type Foundry showing their secrets of how they develop new typefaces. Filmed in stunning ‘Cape Vision’. 30-January-2008

Press Conference
«We make to try to make everything this way because we thought that it makes us richer»
The President and the King announcing the new website of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry & new fonts. 20-March-2006