This year we will continue the original tradition of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry and dedicate ourselves to the somewhat rough and unusual typefaces for which Cape Arcona has become famous. For lovers of clear sans serif typefaces, don’t worry, we have a lot of surprises in store this year. There will be something for everyone, we promise!

At the beginning of the week we would like to draw your attention to the release of two fonts that were actually created for a bigger illustration job. Even though the use of these fonts is not the typical application of a layout artist, they are true pearls of the typographic subculture and may be used for special projects. Please do not set books with them. CA Kometo and CA El Amor are fonts that are based on several layers. The “Regular” is always the so-called shadow of the font, whereas the “Fill” style, as the name suggests, is for the fill.

The first two fonts published here are only the beginning, more will follow this year.

Have fun with it!

CA Saygon Family

How did this amazing font family come about? In 2017 we participated in a competition for a larger corporate design project. I goal was to create a typeface that would make visible the fractions of a post postmodern society. Based on a typeface we had just started with, a handful of letters were selected after hundreds of sketches. The combination of these letters makes the rebellion of individuality visible on the one hand, but on the other hand leads to a coherent typeface. Unfortunately we lost the pitch, but to be honest, we weren’t really sad, because we didn’t really like the idea of making such a great typeface for just one customer so we started to expand the font and quickly realized that a companion suitable for the setting of lager quantities of text would make sense: the birth of CA Saygon Text.

The basic forms and proportions of the CA Saygon Text were adopted and continued in such a way that a straight font family from Thin to Extrabold resulted. A fundamental inspiration were early static grotesque typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk. Nevertheless, the typeface was by no means intended to have a historical look. Thus, a relatively high x-height was chosen, which makes the typeface quite economical in type-setting, since the letters appear visually larger. A relatively small line spacing with good legibility can be achieved due to the small ascenders and the low cap height. Letters like f and t, which otherwise tend to end in curves, were given right angles, which on the one hand meets certain design elements of the original CA Saygon Display,but on the other hand also refers to contemporary trends in typeface design.

A special feature are the five styles in which CA Saygon Textcan be used. The basic setting is the Helvetica style, with two-storey a and g. The Futura style has a single-storey a and a two-storey g accordingly. The third style with two-storey a and three-storey g is called the Franklin style. But the real highlight is the Cape style with single-storey a and three-storey g – a real rarity, let yourself be inspired by this unusual typeface. If you like it even more progressive, you should try the Flat style, which continues the right angles in a, g, and yas well. 

Thanks to the Latin Extended and Cyrillic character sets, a huge language area is covered that even extends to Vietnam! Even the exotic German uppercase-double-s is available. Numerous OpenType features make life easier for the professional typographer: there are fractions, superscript and subscript numbers, as well as proportional and tabular capitals.

Now get the cups up and welcome the CA Saygon Family!

See more of CA Saygon Display & CA Saygon Text


The perfect allrounder between Neo and Retro

CA Negroni is being rooted in the early 20th century, when typography in advertising was often drawn by hand. The result were quite unusual styles and letterforms. 

Wilhelm Deffke (1887–1950) was a pioneer of graphic design, and logos were his favorite field of activity. CA Negroni is a tribute to his way of drawing heavy letterings. Inspired by charming details and the unique atmosphere, CA Negroni elevates this style to a contemporary level. While preserving the unconventional charm, it leaves out disturbing details, that might harm the general look. 

CA Negroni features two stylistic sets that offer a bunch of alternative letterforms and allow the designer to let the writing appear more playful or more serious. It offers three additional styles – Inline, Round and Light – to give you even more freedom in design. The extensive language support lets you master all Central European languages.

So, have a closer look and enjoy


The year slowly ends (again) and with a couple of new typefaces in the pipeline we like to start with a double-line typeface called CA Fourty Open. It’s an all caps display typeface best suited for (elegant) headlines.


CA Fourty Open is the 40th attempt of a type designer to design a new typeface in a  style of a neon sign. The double-line gives it an specific, elegant design and goes altogether with its sister-like script typeface CA Capoli.

Upper and lower case letters are identical but the upper case characters a more opened for a little bit more variation. Do we need to say that it’s got a Central European character set?

So, have a look: CA Fourty Open



Dear world,
rereleases are something, that normally happens 20 years after the initial release. Often because someone considered the original release worth presenting to a broader public, or because he thinks the time wasn’t right back then, but now it is.
However, we are rereleasing CA Capoli, 7 Weeks after its initial release, because obviously the world wasn’t ready for this amazing font back then. But maybe now it is. Times are changing faster and faster, you know.
The most important aspect of this rerelease is: If you buy the CA CAPOLI font family at Cape Arcona you will get a wonderfully embroidered patch for free. But only at our website and only while stocks last.

CA Capoli rerelease is a crazy thing


Hello everybody, huge thanks to all those who purchased CA Capoli at Myfonts and made it number 18 in the „Hot New Fonts“ list. The rest of you has two options: You can either buy it there as well and make it number 1, or you can be selfish and buy it at Cape Arcona , so that you will get a fantastic embroidered patch for free with any purchase of the CA Capoli family (while stock lasts). Isn’t that great? Normally you have to choose between bad and worse, but now you cant choose between wonderful and awesome.

CA Capoli Font Family


Just before the end of the year we have a small gem we like to share with you:
our latest typeface CA Capoli.

CA Capoli with embroidered patch

CA Capoli is a fine script typeface with a vintage touch. Perfect for illustrative titles or logotypes. It comes in two styles, Regular and Stroke.

The best thing is, order the complete CA Capoli family and you will get a FREE patch*!

CA Capoli (Bonus)

A mystery – in search of the origin
The inspiration came during our trip to Italy, where we took a short rest in a bar during a hot day. We discovered a simple ceramic ashtray on the table. The word „Nido” was inscribed in a typeface that looked like it dated back to the 1950s. We made some investigations about the word, its meaning and origin but it still remains a big mystery. Was it the name of a hotel or a restaurant or some vintage Italian cigarettes? We don’t know. We were so amazed about the design of the logo that we decided to create a typeface out of it. A sophisticated endeavour because we just had four letters. How could the rest of the letters — if it ever existed — have looked like? Our hypothesis is CA Capoli a typeface with a full Central European character set and some nice alternative letters to chose from.

When we thought about „Nido” and its possible derivation of hotel business, we felt like creating a small side project for our new typeface CA Capoli, a corporate design for a fictional hotel called Hotel Capoli with business cards, letterheads, a reception book, key fobs and embroidered patches for the service dress of the hotel service stuff. The Hotel Capoli is located at the wonderful beach of Cape Arcona on the fictional country of Arcona Islands where our type foundry is located.

CA Capoli

We like to share the fun we had and give everyone who orders the CA Capoli typeface through our website a Hotel Capoli 3-color embroidered patch as a gift*. Ready to be ironed on your clothing. With the patch, you get a nice letter from the management of the Hotel Capoli too.

CA Capoli

Patches are limited, so order the CA Capoli family right now!

Isn’t that nice? CA Capoli: Regular and Stroke

*while supplies last, and only for orders placed at cape-arcona.com


We worked on a lot of new typefaces this year, although actually there is not much time for work between cocktail- and pool-parties. But today, just in time for this rough season of the year, we are releasing two new — very hand-made — typefaces.

CA Rough Rider looks like a typeface we could have released sometimes back in 2002 when we started Cape Arcona. Years ago, we developed the typeface for a logo design, just forget about it, and rediscovered it lately. It’s — like the name suggests — a rough typographic ride. A lovely „distressed“ font for things like illustrative titles, logotypes or small text.

CA Rusty Nail, another hand-made darling, comes in Regular + Bold and was created for a German liquor company as part of their corporate design. Like it’s companion CA Rough Rider, it’s also suitable for titles, rusty logotypes or labels of all kind.

The big deal: both typefaces come with an extra dingbat font containing catch words like „and, of, with, for“ and some decorative elements.

One more thing: whatever happens, stay tuned! Further font releases will be in november/december and january. We double the fun with font releases, hurray!

CA Rough Rider CA Rusty Nail CA Rough Rider CA Rusty Nail Font in use


Ladies and Gentlemen,
let us show you our brand new typeface: CA Segundo – a mixed up, different stroke-style display font.
The inspiration came from a wall-writing somewhere in Cuba and when we first saw it, we thought: “that’s something Cape Arcona could have released twelve years ago”.

CA Segundo

In 2002 we founded Cape Arcona, and the first typefaces we released had a quite particular style, similar to CA Segundo. Speaking of particular style we think of grunge fonts, fonts with mixed strokes and width, boldy headliners – fonts that where different – non-mainstream fonts, if you like. Over the years our repertoire of typefaces moved to a more sophisticated style and it might seem that “the spirit” or the original philosophy of Cape Arcona was hiding behind sans-serifs like CA Normal or serifs like CA Texteron. With CA Segundo we are proud to release a typeface that brings back the spirit of “the good old times”.


CA Segundo CA Segundo