Custom typefaces

A custom type is not a compromise, it is made exactly to your needs.

What is a custom typeface?
You see type before you read it. This fact lets you recognize the character of a writing before you actually got the meaning. Corporate Design uses this effect by implementing specific typefaces for specific brands. Unluckily more often than not, these typefaces are not very specific. They are chosen from a pool of available fonts, and you can imagine how many others are fishing in the same pool. So the way to a truly specific font is a custom typeface. It is not a compromise, it is made exactly to your needs. Apart from aesthetic reasons, there can be economic and functional reasons as well. A custom font can save lots of money when it comes to licensing for a large, growing or even unlimited number of licensees. Moreover you can avoid problems caused by missing language support, missing features or missing glyphs. They can all be integrated in a custom font — made by us. Cape Arcona designed and developed custom typefaces for corporate branding and organizations.

Our service includes:

  • Design and realization of a custom typeface
  • Digitalization of your typeface
  • Adding styles, such as semibold, extra condensed or italic  to a typeface
  • Adding additional languages to a typeface
  • Adding ligatures and alternate characters to a typeface
  • Adding lining, oldstyle and tabular figures to a typeface
  • Adding OpenType features to a typeface
  • Adding a certain glyph or a logo to a font
  • Replacing certain glyphs by a different design

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