CA Saygon (SMH-A & B)

Custom Typeface Family

Commissioned by {ths} Thomas Schostok Design for a new corporate design for the competition of the Sprengel Museum Hannover announced by the state capital Hanover, we developed a typographic system with several corporate and custom fonts including a font for the logo, title and body text. Our goal was to develop a simple, traceable system that works on posters, posters, advertisements, flyers, tickets and other media. High recognition and high flexibility in the conversion of all print media. 

The SMH-A typeface developed especially for this project is the core of the corporate design. This custom type is used for the logo as well as for all exhibition titles and headlines. It ensures the strongest recognition effect. We developed an 18 styles typeface, including a Cyrillic character set.

Later, the type family was expanded into what is now sold under the name CA Saygon.