CA Saygon Display

Example of CA Saygon Display
Example of CA Saygon Display


Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding
Cyrillic encoding

OpenType Features:
Stylistic alternates (salt)
Contextual alternates (calt)
Stylistic sets (ss0x)
Slashes zero (zero)
Fractions (frac)
Ordinals (ordn)
Superiors / Inferiors (subs/sinf)
CA Saygon Display
Designed by: Thomas Schostok, Stefan Claudius

The origin of CA Saygon lies in a large corporate design project, that actually never came true. We wanted to create a typeface that would make the ruptures of a postmodern society visible. After hundreds of thrown away sketches, we decided on a handful of letters to form this new typeface. The combination of these letters makes the rebellion of individuality visible on the one hand, but also leads to a uniform typeface on the other.

A Latin Extended and a Cyrillic alphabet deliver a wide language support. And to make it even better, we added Vietnamese, due to the name of the font. OpenType features like fractions, inferiors and superiors, tabular and proportional figures make the professional typographer’s life easier. The spacing and kerning was carried out by Igino Marini, who, with a trained eye and his iKern program, has become the benchmark in typeface finishing.

CA Saygon also has a text variant, CA SaygonText.

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