CA Aires Pro

Example of CA Aires Pro
Example of CA Aires Pro
Example of CA Aires Pro


Glyphs: ≈365

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding

CA Aires Pro
Designed by: Stefan Claudius

This font was inspired by a postcard from the 30s.
On the one side near the stamp were the words ‘BUENOS AIRES’. It looked so simple yet strange, that we started to make a freefont of it. It turned out to become Cape Arcona’s most popular freefont and we were even sent spanish versions of the font.
After a lot of requests for a full character set we started to draw the lower cases. They keep the simple but quirky style that makes the upper cases so interesting and versatile.
To round it up we added an italic version to give a bit more artistic freedom.

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CA Aires Pro Regular
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PDF Document

Documentation for a list of all characters in the font

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