CA Coronado


Glyphs: ≈419

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding
Latin Extended encoding

OpenType Features:
Stylistic alternates (salt)
CA Coronado
Designed by: Stefan Claudius

“Sometimes, when we are lying on the beach, we dream of forests, dark green forests, where no man has ever set his foot in. And where beavers are cutting trees and squirrels are collecting nuts. Near this forest lives a man who runs a bar. He is old and white-bearded and his bar is called ‘Coronado Bar’. The letters on-top of the entry fit to his block-house just as well as to the ranch in California, where he used to live for a long time…” CA Coronado is a display typeface and fits perfect for headlines, logotypes, or brands. With its rough style it gives a used and authentic look. Although upper and lower-cases might look pretty similar at first glance, they are different and can be used as alternates. The upper cases are a bit more vivid, while the lower cases stay in line. Use the Shadow-Style for the extra kick while the Regular-style can be used as a filling. CA Coronado comes in two styles:  Regular and Shadow

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CA Coronado Regular
CA Coronado Shadow



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