CA Edwald

Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald
Example of CA Edwald


Glyphs: ≈750

Supported Languages:
Central European encoding
Latin Extended encoding
Western encoding

OpenType Features:
Discretionary ligatures (dlig)
Stylistic alternates (salt)
Titling alternates (titl)
Swashes (swsh)
CA Edwald
Designed by: Thomas Schostok, Stefan Claudius

CA Edwald, the superbly crafted alphabet design now available in 5 weights, combining the familiar, the unusual, the practical and the aesthetic.
Plan ahead and make use of the assorted logo letters that add distinction to your headline.

CA Edwald is a welcome addition to our ever-growing collection of alphabet designs. It is prepared to meet your graphic requirements.
Now there is one trusty Musketeer for today’s advertising.

The illegitimate child of Oswald Bruce Coopers “Cooper Black” and Ed Benguiats “Benguiat“. A mix of two classics: CA Edwald.
Unquestionably, the broadside is the heavy artillery of the direct advertising campaign—and CA Edwald is the ammunition of greatest carrying and hitting power for these big guns of the selling drive.

CA Edwald typeface was created for actual jobs. Not a fanciful conception of “artistic temperament”. Born to do plain everyday work and do it well. A heavy, solid typeface, with a crisp, decisive look, as if it were straight from the workplace where it was designed.

A dominant type face. A bold Roman that is a genuine design. It distributes the message with a convincing force of powerful expression.

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