CA Fourty Open


Glyphs: ≈368

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding

OpenType Features:
Stylistic alternates (salt)
CA Fourty Open
Designed by: Thomas Schostok

CA Fourty Open owes its name to the fact, that it was the 40th attempt to design a fresh neon-sign styled font for the world of today (and maybe tomorrow, too). The double-line gives it a distinctive style for the best of your headlines. Developed from the basis of CA BND, CA Forty Open will make a nice couple with its single-lined ancestor but also fits with our double-lined script CA Capoli. Despite being an all-caps fonts, upper cases have a slightly different look, they are even more open than the lower cases and it all comes with a Central European character set. Tchin-tchin.

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CA Fourty Open Regular



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Documentation for a list of all characters in the font

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