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  • CA Moskow has a Plan image
  • CA Moskow has a Plan image
  • CA Moskow has a Plan image
  • CA Moskow has a Plan image


Glyphs: ≈481

Font Format:

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding
Cyrillic encoding

OpenType Features:
Standard ligatures
Stylistic alternates
Slashes zero

Russian Rubel
Turkish Lira
CA Moskow has a Plan
Designed by: Stefan Claudius

Inspired by an old Russian book about Moscow’s plan to take over the world, this font was designed to give digital prints the taste of hand lettering. It’s vivid outlines and slight differences in boldness between characters give it an accurate and realistic imperfect letterpress look.

It works amazingly well as a text font in small sizes and shows it’s crippled outlines only at larger sizes. »CA Moskow has a plan« has got an extensive character-set including Russian Cyrillic, the Russian Rubel and the Turkish Lira sign.

Although it includes kerning, for a full simulation of letterpress print and cold-war feeling we recommend to turn it off.


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CA Moskow has a Plan
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