CA No Dr.


Glyphs: ≈221

Supported Languages:
Western encoding

CA No Dr.
Designed by: Thomas Schostok

No Dr. was inspired by a lettering for a movie poster »James Bond: Dr. No«, created in 1962. Just like the original Dr. No, No Dr. has a diabolical charm. It was developed into a font family that combines distinctiveness with versatility. The two widths and the two weights give you a big choice. Best use for headlines, it works for body text too. Intended to become an interesting alternative to the much used DIN Schrift, it has now developed into a functional family of it’s own.

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CA No Dr. Regular
CA No Dr. Italic
CA No Dr. Medium
CA No Dr. Medium Italic
CA No Dr. Expanded
CA No Dr. Expanded Italic
CA No Dr. Expanded Medium
CA No Dr. Expanded Medium Italic
CA No Dr. Alarm
CA No Dr. Tall



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Documentation for a list of all characters in the font

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