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Glyphs: ≈451

Font Format:

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding

OpenType Features:
Discretionary ligatures (dlig)
Stylistic alternates (salt)
Contextual alternates (calt)

Turkish Lira
CA Postal
Designed by: Stefan Claudius

CA Postal is a cute and clever little stamp-font. It was originally intended for a record-cover only, but when the artist wanted all lyrics printed in the booklet, it was time for a font. The initial inspiration was a moveable-stamp printing-set, which had a nice Futura-like style, being very pleasant to read, especially in small sizes. But of course it’s the loose and irregular outlines that give the font its special charms. CA Postal features two sets of characters and the “Contextual Alternates” feature will make sure that never two identical characters will stand next to each other, so that the stamp-look becomes even more authentic.


Download specimen for complete list of all characters in the font
CA Postal Regular
CA Postal
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