CA Wolkenfluff


Glyphs: ≈189

Supported Languages:
Western encoding

CA Wolkenfluff
Designed by: Thomas Schostok

Yum, yum, a fat sausage font including plain and highlighted letters and a »Stencil« style if you need to spray something on walls. No, no! The form of the typeface was inspired by the pixelated in-game title font of the 1991 Amiga computer game "James Pond II, Codename Robocod", one of our favorite games during that time. A gritty version is also available if you like distressed typefaces.

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CA Wolkenfluff Regular
CA Wolkenfluff Gloss
CA Wolkenfluff Stencil
CA Wolkenfluff Trash



PDF Document

Documentation for a list of all characters in the font

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