CA El Amor

Example of CA El Amor
Example of CA El Amor
Example of CA El Amor
Example of CA El Amor


Glyphs: ≈337

Supported Languages:
Central European encoding
Western encoding

CA El Amor
Designed by: Thomas Schostok

This typeface has the most important ingredient of all: love.
So it’s not surprising that the font is called El Amor. It is a reversed oblique headline font that consists of two styles, “Regular” and “Fill”. Feel free to experiment with them, together or alone. Write something with “Regular”, copy paste it to another layer and switch to “Fill”. Give it a little offset if you like or place it straight on top, both works fine. You can also use the “Fill”. style for body text, but do so at your own risk, spacing and kerning is optimized for the use with the “Regular” style, so be generous if the result looks not as even as text-font. Maybe you’ll discover the charm of a more dynamic spacing that fit perfectly with the vivid and crispy outlines.

Unlike other display fonts CA El Amor features a huge character set covering most languages that you can write with a Latin alphabet.

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CA El Amor Regular
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PDF Document

Documentation for a list of all characters in the font

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