CA Negroni

Example of CA Negroni
Example of CA Negroni
Example of CA Negroni
Example of CA Negroni
Example of CA Negroni


Glyphs: ≈466

Supported Languages:
Western encoding
Central European encoding

OpenType Features:
Stylistic alternates (salt)
Stylistic sets (ss0x)
CA Negroni
Designed by: Stefan Claudius

CA Negroni is a perfect allrounder between Neo and Retro, being rooted in the early 20th century, when typography in advertising was often drawn by hand. The result were quite unusual styles and letterforms. Wilhelm Deffke (1887–1950) was a pioneer of graphic design, and logos were his favorite field of activity.

CA Negroni is a tribute to his way of drawing heavy letterings. Inspired by charming details and the unique atmosphere, CA Negroni elevates this style to a contemporary level. While preserving the unconventional charm, it leaves out disturbing details, that might harm the general look. Two stylistic sets offer a bunch of alternative letterforms that allow the designer to let the writing appear more playful or more serious.

CA Negroni offers three additional styles – Inline, Round and Light – to give you even more freedom in design. The extensive language support lets you master all Central European languages.

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